Grassroots Interviews with Treasurer candidate Thayer Verschoor

Thayer Verschoor Interview


  1. Thayer is the real conservative in this race. Glad to see he is out working hard! He has my vote.

  2. Steve Calabrese says

    The thought of Thayer as our treasurer is both reassuring and funny – reassuring, because it’s doubtful that there is anyone else – besides Dean Martin and Ken Bennett – who understands the Arizona budget more.

    And it is also funny, because Thayer has absolutely no tolerance for hidden shell games, and will cheerfully blow the whistle on those who are trying to hide state spending from the public eye. Verschoor knows the budget too well to be fooled by bureaucratic leeches who want to feather their own nests, and will not hesitate to publicize the more embarrassing excesses in state government.

  3. Jacobite says

    Thayer has a rare gift in Arizona’s political world!

    He means what he says and acts upon it!

    For this guy, character REALLY counts!

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