Grassroots Interviews with CD 3 candidate Bob Branch

I live in CD 3, so I am intensely interested in interviewing the CD 3 candidates. When I first met Bob Branch at the LD 7 meeting, I remember thinking that his lack of an FEC report meant he didn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning. I’ve got to say, I was THOROUGHLY impressed with Mr. Branch in this interview. At the VERY LEAST, the voters should research Mr. Branch. I want to wish him a lot of luck in this race. One way or the other, I hope he becomes a force in Arizona politics for years to come. We need people like him in government.

part 1 of Bob Branch interview
part 2 of Bob Branch interview


  1. Jacklyn M. says

    Thanks for the interview, Marcus. The video is not quite as hard to watch as it has been in the past.

    Always good to get everyone’s take… CD 3 is a happening place these days.

  2. nightcrawler says

    I too am impressed with Branch, not because I see eye to eye with him on all his positions, but rather because of his demeanor and intellect.

    What a breath of fresh air. Normally without any name recognition his campaign would appeal only to the protest vote.

    In a field of 10 candidates and an anti-establishment mood of the electorate, who knows ?

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