Graf closes to within Single Digits.


The AZ CD 8 race just got a lot closer. According to a just released Reuters/Zogby poll, Graf is now trailing by only 8 points. That could well be inside the margin of error. This is a huge move for the Republican candidate from the 18% lead purported buy earlier polls. There is 16% undecided in the race.

Could not find many details on the poll but will keep looking for them.

The Graf campaign has been scrabbling to raise money after a grueling primary in which his own party did everything possible to sink him. They are soliciting funds through traditional means as well as through their web site.

Wednesday 10-4-06, 11:30 am


  1. NOW WE KNOW THE KENSKI POLL WAS FLAWED. Or is it just an anomaly that this race’s polls resemble a roller coaster, going up one day by 10 points, down by 10 in another few days, then back up again? As the voters get the truth about BOTH candidates, there is no doubt that Randy will win. In the rest of the poll, he fared better than most other Republicans. He is not in Congress yet and the goings on there will have no resonance.

  2. I am skeptical of any poll with Zogbys name on it. Did he use is random dialer again?

  3. Randall Holdridge says

    Wrong anyway; Graf didn’t move a point. With support perpetually in the mid-30s, he’s going no where. At best, this looks like movement for Quick and Nolan; at worst, it’s the success of negative campaigning driving voters away.

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