Finally someone writes a positive story about the future of the Republican Party. Kudos to Len Munsil for talking about a brighter tomorrow.

Wednesday 1-31-07, 7:40 am


  1. Mike Triggs says

    Currious – As Party Chair, Randy Pullen sits on the RNC. Does this mean the party will elect a new National Committeeman orwill he have two votes at future RNC meetings? Also, not good news coming out of Party Headquarters with all the resignations. As a former Executive Director of the Minnesota Party, I can’t imagineanything worse for a new party chair than to walk into an empty office.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Randy’s resignation from the National Committeeman post has already been accepted. The story was covered on Arizona 8th.

    Luckily Randy has some time before 2008 to select a new staff. After reading some of the comments posted here it may be best if Pullen selects a new group to work at the party. It matters less who it is and more if they have a positive attitude. Sometimes change can be good.

  3. Randy has resigned as National Committeeman, as he said he would. See Shameless Self Promotion

  4. honest abe says


    Randy gets the double nod. Mike Hellon, while State Chairman, maintained his National Committeemen status during his tenure as well.

    The exodus at the office was widely anticipated.

    Question now is, does Randy know Aristotle??

  5. abe,

    Consider your “insider” status, or lack thereof, officially exposed.

    Randy resigned as National Committeeman hours after being elected chair.

  6. honest abe says


    Aware of that fact,however, until his successor is named, he is still your National Committeeman. This was such a relief to the RNC since Randy added nothing but chaos during his tenor, according Washington sources.

  7. honest abe says

    Oh, by the way, “tenor”, high pitched male voice, is exactly what Pullen sounds like while shooting his mouth off at the RNC.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Nice words from Len. Now let’s see what role he plays in the healing and strengthening of the party? We get a lot of words from folks these days, but little action. Maybe Len will be one of the rare folks who give us both?

    And seriously folks, if you stop responding to abe, she’ll eventually go away… she makes stuff up, is rude, and is a general whack job. Banning her is probably a bad precedent, but ignoring her will eventually work…

  9. Let the whiners whine and let the workers work. We have a lot of work to do before ’08. I personally am willing to reach “across the aisle”. The problem is, those who don’t like Randy would rather see the Party perish than swallow their pride and do their job. Randy was my choice, but I would have worked for either one. The Party is greater than one person.

  10. honest abe says


    Who invited you or your remarks?? I’ll be here for very, very long time with all the latest information.

  11. honest abe says


    Your problem is the information that is being posted, you just can’t stand the truth about the clowns you support. Guess what, I don’t like them so,I will continue with my postings as information is sent to me.

  12. No one gets banned from commenting as long as they avoid vulgarity, profanity and making comments that cannot be backed up in the public domain.

    I would ask that everyone be civil and respectful.


  13. Well, I’m back (I have been out of town since Saturday AM) and my girl didn’t win but hopefully my party will. I continue to believe Lisa would have taken the state party to levels of greatness and majority that we desperately need. But, that does not preclude the possibility that the people of this state and our party cannot do the same under different leadership. The GOP will prevail in spite of the best intentions of its people, on both sides.

    As to the staff exodus, my sources tell me it was based on personality and leadership style and has nothing to do with the lack of work ethic or ability of the staffers, as has been alluded to by other posts. Certainly, some of the posters whose monikers are less than stealth may have made that point but their previous fawning over the staffers during the elections of ’06 tells a different story. Without calling names I will not go any further but the point is this; they were fine as long as you thought they would work for you (or your husband) but when you find out they don’t like the same guy you do… now they are worthless……? Sour grapes make bad whine.

    The up side is this; Randy should be able to fill his staff with people he knows and trusts. There will be no learning curve with a new staff that has functioned under a different brand of the game. The functions of the office will need to be taught, there are sufficient human resources for that. If he is the leader and visionary his supporters say he is, this is a golden opportunity and could turn out to be a good thing in the long run. OR the down side possibility is; this could begin the decline of the state party office (not necessarily the same as the GOP in Arizona) that some have predicted based on their opining of his style and substance; the financial test is yet to be taken and it will be a hard one and the most telling.

  14. Smart voter says

    Ann, a vocal supporter of Pullen’s opponent, says she’s been out of town–in Washington, DC–since Saturday morning. From that I conclude Ann was not elected as a state committeeman. Perhaps she voted by proxy?

  15. Oh Smart Voter, aside from the direct answer to your question, do I perceive your response to say that only state committeemen are permitted to care or feel that they had a dog in this race?

  16. Ann,

    You speak about the beginning of the decline of the state party office? What have we been witnessing over the last four years. Let’s review. 2002 – Lost both governor and AG seats. 2004 – Bush won state, but it really wasn’t even contested by the Dems. 2006 – Get massacred in Gov and AG seats, lose two congressional seats, lose six legislative seats, and reelect 2 term US senator who should have been elected. If you use the standard of winning races as a key indicator of party performance, then our state party has already been in decline under Fannin and Salmon for over 5 years now.

  17. Observer,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you as to the past few years. If you have followed my posts I have never defended Salmon or Fannin; my sentiments toward the chairman where because I felt very confident in Lisa James as having the ability to be a change agent for the future in a positive way. My comments in the above post were posed to be of the question mode not an answer or commentary. I certainly do not want to be a part of the demise or decline and would not offer support to such.

    I do see the distinct possibility of the split seen on the vote carrying over. There is no way to discount that vote as merely the pulling of the “powerbrokers’ or the wonderful words of Trent and Len. There is, without doubt, a schism in the members of the party. I have an opinion as to why, I’m sure others do too. The focus of our discussion should not be the desire to find fault and blame then place it on those we do not align with in order to make our side look nobler. The focus should be where we agree and what we can do to strengthen are ‘sameness” while working to restore trust and credibility.

  18. Smart voter says

    Lovely sentiment, Ann, and one we can all agree upon.
    Let’s hope you can be instrumental in pulling some of the factions to the real world of supporting the current party leadership and moving forward to ensure Republican victories in 2008.

    We don’t always get what we want, but the important thing is to regroup, get moving as a team, and look to the future. There are those who are so angry over their losses that they are desirous of seeing failure within our party.
    It is the Democrats we need to defeat–not one other.

  19. If I had one wish…. it seems to me that the egocentricity of the left; the concept that a chosen few hold the answers for the majority and all else is folly has permeated our party, too. There is no finger pointing here, just an observation. And probably, depending on what faction you feel the most connection with, that is the side you feel is maligned.

    My wish… the return of the big tent, again, looking at our sameness instead of allowing our differences to separate us promising our defeat. Certain factions of our party have left me feeling extremely marginalized due to my support of issues that are not in alignment with some, as if my brand of Republicanism was less valid or meaningful due to my personal position. Just as no candidate will perfectly match the absolute vision of perfection, neither will any party. In individual races and you can look for the most clear match but as a party, it is not so easy.

    So, my request is that the new leadership refrains from the labeling and pigeonholing that many fell into and move forward without looking back.

  20. where's_the_truth_squad_now? says

    I just read on politicomafioso that Lyle Tuttle is setting up a screen on PC’s? Is this true?

  21. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Nice to be missed! And I’m flattered that people are actually making up names just to show how big of a fan they are. Thanks!

    I actually already posted on this thread and there isn’t much to add. I’ve also been posting on some of the presidential threads as well, so be sure to check those out.

    Finally, the recent blog work of Mafioso during the State Chairman’s race didn’t reflect too well on his ability to report fact, truth, or anything much other than left-wing drivel. Maybe he’ll surprise us now and again, but the nonsense about Lyle Tuttle failed the truth test when I ran it past some folks at the Maricopa County GOP. Ken Going isn’t screening, he’s just the point man for collecting the forms, ensuring that they are filled out right, and getting them passed along to the Board of Supervisors. Sounds like the County GOP is getting better organized than it ever has been, and that’s good news for everyone up in Maricopa County!

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