Governor’s “urgent” tax increase budget includes $15 million for the arts

Sen. Jack Harper told the Legislative Report that Governor Brewer’s staff is including unnecessary items in the budget that benefit their former clients. He believes Paul Senseman, who formerly lobbied for arts organizations, is behind an extra $15 million for the arts industry. He suspects Eileen Kolein, formerly a lobbyist for United HealthCare, was responsible for leaving out a provision in the budget that would delay AHCCCS capitation.  Harper said, “I believe that the governor’s staff has disproportionately influenced the budget with their former clients in mind.”


  1. You think the budget is urgent this week? Wait a week or two and the lame stream media will be urgenting times four.

  2. Grumpy Gus says

    In their business, once a client, always a client.

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