Governor-Presumed Brewer Signs “No New Tax Pledge”

Sonoran Alliance has learned that Jan Brewer, may have signed a “No New Tax Pledge” with Americans for Tax Reform.

If this is the case, this should take any threat of taxes off the table when it comes to fixing the Napolitano Budget deficit.


  1. “no new taxes” /= higher old taxes

  2. Chocolately says

    No – they Pledge is to “oppose any effort to raise taxes” – no new taxes, and no raising of existing taxes.

  3. i stand corrected.

  4. Glendale GOP says

    “May have”?


    Those pledges are only valid for the duration of the term for which they were signed. They aren’t lifetime pledges.

  5. If we aren’t going to raise taxes, we need to re-look at the current laws which criminalize many human behaviors. I would also recommend looking at reinstituting sentence guidelines which were removed under the ‘do the time; do the crime’ and the ‘truth in sentencing’ eras.

    One of the highest costs of state and county governments lies in the area of law enforcement.

  6. ron – I think you have hit on an important area to look at. I hope some of our politicians put some thought into it in between making meaningless pledges and passing laws with little sense of the consequences.

    Yeah, and I doubt it will happen any time soon as well.

  7. Wooden Teeth says

    Ron is wrong about the cost of law enforcement. 66% of the state budget is education. Law enforcement is a bargain compared to that.

  8. We don’t need to raise taxes. We don’t need to cut core services. We DO need to have real government reform and cut out the fraud, waste, abuse, inefficiencies, duplication, etc.

    If the legislature and new governor gets really serious, they can cut the deficit by more than half over the next eighteen months in this way.

    Think about how it would play going into the 2010 election with a balanced budget, no new taxes, not tax hikes, and core services intact. Candidates could run as Reagan Republicans defending individual liberty and having successfully created smaller government.

    Contact the leadership in the House and Senate and strongly encourage them to take action along these lines. Go to for their contact information.

  9. Signing ATR’s no new tax pledge doesn’t guarentee that you will not raise taxes. But it does guarentee that if you do, you will get your face on a “Arizona’s Least Wanted” poster. Talk to the republican turncoats in the Virginia Legislature that were sent home in 2004 after breaking their pledge.

  10. I just checked ATR’s web site. Jan Brewer, Sec. State, is on the “post 2006 election list”.

  11. Wooden Teeth,
    The US Has the highest per capita prison population in the world – in large part this is because of war on drugs and minimum sentencing fiascos. Locking people up for non-violent crimes at huge cost to the state is not a bargain compared to educating young people.

  12. Wooden Teeth says

    ok, then you want to “release” the 21% of the national prison population that are in for drug offenses? That’s the 1991 DOJ figure I have handy.

    All that means is that next time the person is caught with drugs, a gun, a fake ID and some stolen property, he’ll won’t be charged with the drugs. He’ll still end up where he belongs, and you can then be happy.

    Is that your no-tax-hike solution?

  13. Wooden teeth,

    DOJ research says that treatment is cheaper and more effective than incarceration. We know that about 80% or more of all crime in related to drugs. We have spent the last 30 years treating the problem of drugs by locking up the users without any treatment. We know that isn’t working.

    Let’s go back and put our money into treatment. “Tough on crime” politicians need to be confronted with the failure of their approach. Dealing with the treatment issue would also reduce the CPS case load (80% of all children in CPS custody are there because of drug-abusing parents.) It is a win-win approach.

    Treatment isn’t a ‘sexy ‘ sell for politicians who want to look ‘tough’. Maybe the day has come when they will actually listen to common sense.

  14. the result of the “no new tax” pledge is that the Legislature then allows agencies to raise their fees, and for the implementation of new enforcement revenue schemes (photo rader, license plate frames), and for a host of below the radar revenue approaches. I would rather they dump the pledge and if they want to increase the cost of government, stand up and do it instead of trying to hide it. The Pledge has made hypocrits of them all.

  15. Brewer signing the pledge in Jan 08 raises two questions:

    1) How would she be in a position to vote for or veto tax increases as secretary of state? I.E. what is the value of that pledge at the time it was signed?

    2) Doesn’t her more recent statement that she’s considering tax increases trump that 11 month old pledge?

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