Governor Jan Brewer Statement on Arizona Abortion Consent Act Ruling

CONTACT: Matthew Benson

Injunction Lifted on Abortion Regulations

“This is a great day for Arizona women and parents.

“The 2009 Abortion Consent Act empowers women by giving them the objective information they need prior to deciding whether to have an abortion. Women deserve all the facts from their physician, in-person, before making such a critical decision. Today’s court decision will help guarantee that.

“The Act also empowers parents by strengthening Arizona’s parental consent laws. Now, in most cases, any minor seeking an abortion must first obtain a notarized statement of parental consent. Effective parental consent is a fundamental principle that Arizonans on both sides of the abortion debate can support. Today’s ruling will also protect women’s health and safety by requiring that surgical abortions be performed by a physician.

“These are common sense regulations that will help protect Arizona families, and I’m thrilled the Court has allowed the law to take effect as intended.”



  1. Why is Arizona Department of juvenile corrections hiring when their plans are to close down Catalina Mountain school before the end of the year. what is Brewer doing? what will happen to those kids and most important what will happen to all of its employees. how many more families will have to suffer at the hands of the swinging axe that Brewer holds. how much of our tax payers money did she use to cover up her D.U.I. Shameful…….. these poor people and their families. It is obvious Our Governor dispises southern Arizona. wow..



  2. Brewer = Sunshine patriot.

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