Governor Irrelevant

Len Munsil has an insightful post today on the split loyalty of Governor Napolitano.

As Janet prepares for her rigorous confirmation process expected to take place some time in the next 60 days, she apparently thinks she can craft the next State budget, prepare her State of the State address and make a personal move to the D.C. area.

I’m especially impressed with her dedication to crafting a speech in which she pretends she still cares about the State of Arizona and will lay out the future (what? for 14 days?)

Janet almost gives the impression that they will have to carry her out of Arizona kicking and screaming to her next government job.

Instead, Janet should be conducting an extensive and thorough transition to her successor, soon-to-be Governor Jan Brewer.

Meanwhile Republican Legislators are ramping up for a major “clean-up” operation of the State Budget once the primary cause of the mess is out of the way.

Call me a cynic (aren’t all bloggers?) but I call Janet Napolitano irrelevant at this time. The best thing she could do is resign and get out of the way. Republicans are anxious to clean up her mess.


  1. I was discussing this briefly tonight and one person pointed out that she won’t get paid any salary until she begins her job in DC. I guess if we want her to leave earlier we will have to take up a collection to pay her expenses in between jobs – kind of like a buy out of her contract.

  2. I agree that the money is likely a major point, but we should not forget the hubris of this woman throughout her career. Without significant medication, she is unlikely to change her habits and moods. Additionally, why would she start being concerned about Arizona at his late date?

    We should start planning a huge celebration for our new Governor. The day Janet leaves sounds good to me.


  1. […] There’s a growing drum-beat among Republican activists and bloggers that Gov. Janet Napolitano should step down immediately now that she has been formally selected to run the Department of Homeland Security when Barack Obama becomes president. The cheerleaders include Len Munsil, who ran against Napolitano for governor in 2006, Greg Patterson at, and the team of pro-life activists at Sonoran Alliance. […]

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