Governor Evan Mecham (1924-2008)


The Arizona Republic is reporting that former Governor Evan Mecham has passed away. He was 83 years old and had suffered a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the Mecham Family.


  1. Rob Seitz says

    God Bless the meecham family !!!!

  2. I know of a homeless person by the name of
    Kregg Mecham who claims Evan Mecham as an uncle. His health is failing and any contact with his family would be welcome.
    I hope his family is looking for him. he is not involved with drugs (other than alchol) and is one of the most honest of all homeless people I have ever met. please help this man if you can. I have known this man for 2 and a half years and have been homeless myself. He now resides under a tree between offramps of I-10 @ Dillon road, in california. look for him at Valley Gas in the evening (4:30-6:00-PM). thanks in advance . I cannot Help much myself as I am disabled. Please let his family (2 sisters) know of his plight. this is lkely to be the only letter I send on Kregg”s behalf, as my mental faculties are not in the “reliable” chategory, (by my standards anyweigh)

  3. My name is Tammy Kendall and I have 2 of his children. Laken and cody. is there a way i can get in touch with him. please give him this message and if he needs something you can e-mail me at

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