Governor Brewer Shills To Launch $225K Media Blitz

Here’s another one from the file of “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

Sonoran Alliance has obtained the following Memo which is being circulated by Governor Brewer’s outside consultant, Chuck Coughlin of High Ground, to major business interests and supporters of the Governor’s five-point proposal which includes a temporary $1 BILLION tax increase.

As you can see, the memo was emailed to prominent business leaders who have signed on to Governor Brewer’s $1 BILLION tax increase.  Leaders include, David Martin, President of the Arizona Associate General Contractors (coincidentally a client of High Ground); Martin Shultz, Vice President of Government Affairs of Pinnacle West; John Rivers, President/CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association; Roc Arnett, President of the East Valley Partnership; Todd Sanders, Vice President of Public Affairs and Economic Development of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; Thomas Franz, President/CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership; Connie Wilhelm, President of the Home Builders Association of Arizona; Russell Smoldon, Lobbyist with SRP; Ronald Shoopman, President, Southern Arizona Leadership Council; J. Doug Pruitt, Chairman/CEO Sundt Corporation; Jack Lunsford, President/CEO, WestMarc; Tom Farley, CEO, Arizona Association or Realtors; Glenn Hamer, President/CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Lisa Atkins, Vice President/Public Policy, Greater Phoenix Leadership.

The memo was also emailed to Republican Party leadership including Chairman Randy Pullen and Executive Director Brett Mecum.

The memo includes a list of “targeted” legislators and a timeline of strategic events. One name you won’t find on the target list is LD 3, Senator Ron Gould.

Here is the text:

This is a Strategy Timeline based on the rapid implementation of elements designed to create a concentrated and sustained effort to encourage legislative support for a balanced budget approach. The purpose of detailing the elements of the campaign plan is to provide you with a draft timeline, so we can coordinate the successful implementation of the plan. The strategy and messaging may change based on the shifting climate of the legislature.

The focus of this effort will be targeted at the following legislative districts: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27 and 30.

Week of June 1
· Press Conference: Beginning June 3rd. Press Conferences with Governor and Business leaders announce support for the budget in regional press conferences across the state.
· Editorial Boards: Beginning June 3rd. Coordinate with meeting with statewide editorial boards to coincide with press conferences.
· Phone Call 1: Tentative Scheduled: June 4th. Autodial phone call to targeted districts encouraging voters to learn more about the budget and contact their legislators.
· Launch Website: Tentative Scheduled: June 5th. Launch website with budget details and the ability to speak out and contact legislators.
· Email Blast 1: Tentative Scheduled: June 5th. Launch campaign with statewide blast encouraging them to visit website and contact legislators.
· Newspaper Ad 1: Encouraging voters to learn more about the budget and contact their legislators.

Week of June 8
· Launch Radio Commercial: Beginning June 8th. Supporting education and Arizona’s ability to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
· Phone Call 2: Tentative Scheduled: June 10th. Live dial phone call to voters regarding education and giving them the opportunity to be turned directly over to their legislators.
· Email Blast 2: Tentative Scheduled: June 10th. Supporting education and Arizona’s ability to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
· Postcard Mailing: Tentative Scheduled: June 10th. Supporting quality education.
· Newspaper Ad 2: Supporting education with testimonials from education leaders.
· Media Outreach: Set up talk-show interviews, television and other statewide media opportunities to broaden the message. Support the messaging effort through op-eds and letters to the editor.

Week of June 15
· Radio Commercial: Continue supporting education message or launch a final push message.
· Viral Message: Tentative Scheduled: June 15th. Web video touting interviews/messages from supporters and community leaders.
· Phone Call 3: Tentative Scheduled: June 16th. Final targeted push message thanking legislators or challenging them to support the budget.
· Email Blast 3: Tentative Scheduled: June iih. Final targeted push message thanking legislators or challenging them to support the budget.
· Newspaper Ad 3: Final targeted push message thanking legislators or challenging them to support the budget.

This budget contains items that were previously approved as part of the Phase 1 outreach budget. The detail listed here is for all remaining expenditures to continue
public outreach while implementing the new strategies outlined above.

Radio Buy – $75,000
Radio Production – $5,000
Newspaper Advertising – $30,000
Phone Calls – $25,000
Mail – $30,000
Graphic Design – $4,000
Website and Consulting -Integrated Web Strategy – $10,000
ClearComm (2 months at $9,000) – $18,000
HighGround (2 months at $5,000) – $10,000
Email Outreach – $18,000

Total: $225,000

The campaign is being funded and launched by a group called Building a Better Arizona – the name the group took from Governor Brewer’s march 4th speech to the legislature, “Building a Better Arizona.” The group is headed up by David Martin who is a client of High Ground and the President of the Arizona Associated General Contractors. According to the Arizona Associate Contractors website,

Incidentally, the campaign launches next Wednesday (June 3rd) the day before the Governor’s Salute to the Legislature Dinner.

The entire memo can be read here.


  1. Minor correction: As much as we love Ron Gould, the good Senator from LD-4 is Jack Harper.

    Notice that LD-4 is left out of the mix? Could it be because our District is not about to fall for more taxes? That most of us here are sufficiently mature enough to have learned that higher taxes causes less tax revenue, fewer jobs, less production and an overall worsening in the economy?

  2. The problem is that we don’t have enough true conservatives elected. Republicans are good when camapigning to say they believe in smaller government and less taxes but, when push comes to shove, they can’t face the pressure and they cave.
    There has been a budget but when you can’t get 16 senate and 31 House votes because Republicans won’t sign on to cuts for welfare or education then you can’t get the budget passed.
    The beat goes on…Republicans eat their own…

    Temporary tax increase of a billion! No way! It will take a much larger tax increase to fill the hole so we can continue to spend as usual but I don’t think that is what people want us to do.

    So, fellow Arizonans, do you want a tax increase? Or will we be like California who said “enough is enough fix the problem you created.”

  3. Look, if you have a household that requires $20/hr to run, and you’ve cut every expense you can…you’ve cut off utilities, you’ve sold the electrical wiring, you’ve rented out the extra bedrooms…basically you’ve done everything you can to try to lower your bills, but you can still only get up to raising $15/hr to run the house…what else do you do?

    You get another job.

    You increase revenue.

    It doesn’t take a PHD in economics to do the math.

    You can only cut so far before the roof falls in from a lack of infrastructure and the house becomes a useless pile of ruble.

    Where did everyone’s common sense go?

  4. ChodeNode says

    The problem is, the financial problems in your analogy aren’t all the house. There’s also the payments on the boat and the new H2 Hummer sitting in the driveway. And you know what? Maybe the mortgage on this 4000 sq ft house was more than we could afford.

    Government has grown almost double since the Napster took office. You can’t tell me that everything she added was necessary. Look at Maryland as an example. They jacked taxes and several millionaires left leaving the state with less revenue. People aren’t spending their money as it is. You raise their taxes higher and they’re going to spend even less.

  5. In 2008 all the fake Republicans lost including Juan McAmnesty. If people want a Socialist they will vote for the real deal and choose someone with a (D) next to their name. Brewer needs to go. She’s a RINO. Draft Hayworth for Governor.


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