Governor Brewer Fighting Against Washington Mandates

Just when I go off on the Governor over her push for a sales tax hike, she has to issue the following press release and make me look like a big mean jerk. So I do have to be fair and give her credit for fighting for Arizonans!

Governor Brewer Seeks Relief from Massive Washington Mandates
Meets With Congressional Delegation on Arizona’s Economy, Cost of Health Care Entitlement Expansion, Job Recruitment Efforts

PHOENIX – With three years now beyond the initial signs of recession, and state revenues down 31% just since the summer of 2008, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today met with members of Arizona’s federal delegation to encourage defeat of an expensive expansion of federal health care mandates on the states. Federal health care proposals, particularly as proposed by the US Senate, would have a devastating fiscal impact to the State of Arizona’s already challenging budget shortfall. Other proposals, such as the plan approved by the US House of Representatives, suggest a possible state government savings scenario but lock in Arizona to permanent service and spending mandates that are not affordable or sustainable even under the best economic conditions.

Since taking office in late January of 2009, Governor Brewer and the Arizona Legislature have enacted a total of $1.05 billion in permanent budget reductions, eliminating state programs and services, and substantially reducing the state’s work force.

“A mandated and permanent expansion of health care will cost Arizona taxpayers billions of dollars,” said Governor Jan Brewer. “Whether the monies are collected by the states or the federal government, either scenario is expensive, ill-conceived, and will be paid for by hard-working Arizona citizens. This is nothing more than Congress imposing a future, hidden tax increase on Arizona taxpayers. Expanding federal entitlements now is absolutely irresponsible.”

Other topics on the Governor’s DC agenda included the state’s economy, job recruitment efforts, and transportation.



  1. It’s the least that Brewer should do. Unfortunately, she’s only doing the least she should do regarding government spending.

  2. We eat our own says

    That’s right Hunter, cutting a billion dollars is nothing right. Name another governor that has cut more.
    Let us all keep self destructing and eating our own.

  3. News Reader says

    Thanks for printing the information that the Governor and Legislature has cut more than a billion dollars in spending cuts and authorized substantial reductions in the state’s work force. For some reason people do not seem to understand that this has occurred.

    Since the state is mandated to provide certain services to its citizens, I doubt that spending cuts by themselves will solve the state’s budget crisis. Revenues keep falling each and every month because of the current economy crisis.

    To balance the budget with spending cuts, the legislature would need to cut spending 20% for this current fiscal year and an additional 25% for the fiscal tear starting July 1. With revenues continuing to fall every month these spending cuts would have to be even more than 45%.

    The Department of Environmental Quality has already been cut 60% since 2008. The cuts would leave that agency with only 5% of its 2007 budget.

    The Department of Economical Security has been cut 34% and an additional 45% would cut its budget by 79% meaning it would only have 21% of its 2008 budget. Because of the economy crisis an additional 20,000 new people are applying for aid each month.

    Spending cuts by themselves is not the answer. The state does need additional revenue.

  4. After taking $2 billion in stimlus dollars, Gov Brewer complains about Federal mandates?

  5. If Brewer had signed the budget presented at the end of the regular session instead of vetoing it in a pique over the sales tax referral not getting passed, we would be in much better shape now.

    There are two reasons she has cut so much: Republican legislators making cuts and there was so much to cut in the first place because the budget has increased so much in the past few years. It’s not like these cuts demonstrate any leadership by Brewer.

    Brewer’s 5 point plan, except for the tax referral, was very general and not much more useful than the generalizations other candidates have presented.

    In addition, the legislature budgeted state spending on education and social services is not the majority of spending on these items. There are other funding sources such as local property taxes, federal grants, and other dedicated taxes and funding sources.

    It should also be noted that most personnel cuts – as a percentage of workforce – have come from line staff rather than administrative and managerial staff. This increases the impact of the cuts on citizens in order to protect higher ranking civil “servants.”

    Brewer would best serve the Republican Party and state of Arizona by following the advice of Republican legislators and getting out of the race for governor so a better qualified Republican has a clear field.

    She had her chance and blew it. Brewer needs to make way for someone else.

  6. Hunter how do you know there are better qualified people? I have yet to hear of ANY plans from anyone running.

  7. Sean, Brewer’s incompetence indicates that a randomly selected Republican PC would probably be at least as good a governor as what we now have. The other currently running Republican candidates are certainly no less qualified than Brewer regardless of their electoral prospects. If Dean Martin runs, he will clearly be more qualified than Brewer and has proven he can be elected to a state-wide office.

  8. I’m just wondering how much the net would be if ASU was sold off and not leased back?

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