Government “Needs” Your Tax Dollars

Or so they would like you to believe.  The Maricopa County Assessor breaks out your property valuations by school district.  The average school district saw its revenue based on property tax collections increase by an average of 15.2% for primary property taxes and 36.5% for secondary.

Arizona Republic columnist Bob Robb has this to say about the tax increases sought by the cities:

Over the last four years, Glendale’s General Fund budget has increased nearly 70 percent, approximately 14 percent a year. Phoenix’s budget has increased 46 percent over that time, or nearly 10 percent a year.

Moreover, the additional public safety spending being proposed could have been absorbed within this largesse.

Another Arizona Republic columnist did something incredible – he pointed out some of the most absurd items in the history of Arizona government.

The purple bikes

It was such a European concept.

In 1997, the thought was to park bicycles at recognizable purple bike racks around the city. Residents could borrow a bike to get where they needed to go, then leave it at another purple bike rack.

Worries that people would steal the Purple People Movers, as the bikes were called, were dismissed.

“You can’t really steal something that is free,” a transportation official was quoted as saying.

Somebody figured out how.

The program started in April. By May, none of the 60 bikes placed around downtown Phoenix could be found.

There are many others, including Terry Goddard’s laser.  A couple of things missing are the teapots along Highway 51 and the trolley system.  Of course, it will be ten years and tens of billions of dollars before the so-called “creative class” admits the boondoggle that is light rail.


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