Gorman’s Strange Stand – Conservative Movement is Cheap and Lazy

And that, according to the LD6 State Senator, is why we lose.  No joke.

GormanIn her most recent blog post, the sophomore Senator set about to lecture the conservative movement on why it loses while the left and its allies like ACORN, win.  We have no idea what has the Senator so upset at Arizona conservatives, but she begins by declaring us “whiners” while the liberals are “winners”.  She then goes on to list a variety of behaviors which she feels the left owns the right on.  Of course, with one of the most conservative legislatures in Arizona history, one has to wonder how Gorman thinks we were able to win all of those races.  Instead, she makes it clear that we have been losing because we won’t get off of our collective rear ends.  But its not just our labor that Gorman wants from our uplifting rears, its our wallets.

Item number one on Gorman’s list is “Give money to campaigns. (ouch)”  Mind you, that’s not our “ouch”, that’s her original text.  If we had to guess why Gorman is frustrated at conservatives not giving money to campaigns, it might have something to do with this.  When you set an online goal of $20,000 and raise a lousy $120 from two total donors, you might get frustrated too.  Then again, Gorman might spend more time analyzing why people won’t give money to her while they are giving to plenty of other candidates.  We’re guessing it has something to do with their property tax bills.

Gorman goes on to describe all of the ways that money helps campaigns and decries the lack of financial support for the McCain for President campaign in 2008.  You see, if we had only given more money to McCain, he would have won and we wouldn’t be stuck with Obama.  Then she gets local.  “At the local level, giving is even more pathetic” she writes, following it with “At some point, true conservatives (like myself) have to realize that if YOU don’t care enough to invest in the future, then we will constantly be on the losing end, which moves us logically to the inevitable honest reflection of our own sacrifices to serve.”

Get it?  The reason she doesn’t have enough money to think that the job is worth the sacrifices she makes is not because the donors disagree with her votes, but because we conservatives are lazy and cheap and don’t properly appreciate her and her sacrifices on our behalf.  Now, doesn’t that just fire you up to grab your checkbook and make a maximum contribution to Gorman for Senate?  You can do so here.

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  1. I Hate Taxes says

    Vernon Parker got his seed money in a matter of weeks, but Jan Brewer can’t raise money. Plenty of legislative candidates seem to be raising money, including the LD11 candidate that is close to raising $10,000 in 10 days, but Gorman wants to know why people are sitting on their checkbooks? It is called the free market, and when you’re selling something that no one wants, you aren’t going to get them to pay for it.

    I don’t see how insulting people is going to change that.

  2. I think people are not giving to her re-election campaign because they are sick and tired of her arrogance and condisention. She recruited the one-termer, Doug Clark and the pathological liar, Tony Bouie. Her ego knows no bounds and people are fed up with her. This post says it all. Do your homework, please don’t send this person back to the senate. I don’t want her sacrificing any more for me. Let her move to Chicago, where her lobbyiest boyfriend lives.

  3. Thank you CONCERNED. If Gorman had her way we would have had Tony Bouie walking out on Russell Pearce’s border security bill instead of the two Yes votes from LD6 House Reps. Crump and Seel.

    Gorman lost me when she endorsed lifelong Democrat and open borders lackey Tony Bouie. Just like John “Guest Worker Program” Shadegg wanted her to do.

    Help wanted: Smart and Conservative LD6 Senator. Apply Immediately!

  4. I thought that blaming everyone else for your problems was a character defect of the left wing. I guess it is a character defect that knows no party affiliation.

  5. Well I guess when you don’t answer E-Mails or phone calls, openly bad mouth the Republican governor and state party chairman, do auto dialers attacking a good conservative candidate for the House in her district and supported a candidate who was a life long Democrat and who was supported by the open borders and anti-employer sanctions crowd, when you break with the Republican Party and vote with the Democrats on a budget agreement that would have cut individual and corporate income taxes and repeal the business property tax in exchange for a small, temporary sales tax REFERRAL to the people, and when you can’t get along with your Republican colleagues and act as if you are a party of one, when you have no loyalty to the GOP and only to yourself, people may not want to waste their money on you. When you are a zero Senator you get zero support.

  6. American Women says

    Lets face it, Gorman is a losertarian who should not be holding any public office other then village idiot.

  7. If nobody is running against her in the Primary, she doesn’t need any money.

    On the other hand, if she isn’t raising any money, is there someone more suitable for the district who can run in the Primary against her and win?

  8. Redistricting in 2012 may take care of the problem. LD 6,7 and 8 will probably be divided because of the increased population above the 101. We’ll see.

    If so, she may face competition, though not in 2010.

  9. Restore Integrity says

    You critics of Gorman have obviously lost view of the conservative cause. Duh! Have any of you been paying attention to what is going on in Washington DC? Gorman’s post is NOT critical of Arizonans or Arizona conservatives. It’s critical of our liberal President and our liberal Congress that just passed the most liberal overhaul at the federal level in our lifetimes. She’s calling on all of us to do the things necessary to win.

    If you don’t see that, you’re missing the boat. This is about what’s happening to our country. Gorman opposes what’s going on in Washington and is calling on all of us to stand up, volunteer, fight, donate money and put our effort behind the causes we blog and comment about … if you disagree with that, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

    I can’t believe this anonymous guest post got put in this great venue. I especially can’t believe it when you don’t post Gorman’s blog post about what we ALL need to do to fight the liberals in Washington and take back our country.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves and wake up and appreciate that Gorman is trying to motivate people to stop the losses we are experiencing at the federal level.

  10. American Women says

    Dear Restore Integrity, the problem with Gorman is the same problem we have with McCain, Shadegg, Martin, and other politicians, they put themselves first.

  11. American Women,

    This is a first! Martin in the same breath as McCain?

    I’ve only seen Martin in the same sentence as Shadegg once. That was when Gorman and Waring sprang into the race to replace the “retiring” Shadegg. Martin had Sens. Gorman and Waring quit their sparring and counseled that Shadegg was likely to return to the race anyway. Chicken Little was right again!

    Still haven’t heard Treasurer Martin announce for reelection hmmm…

    Governor Martin in 2010…just speculating, of course.

  12. Conservative First says

    Restore Integrity: You can adopt Gorman’s approach of blaming all of the conservatives in Arizona if you want. We’ve heard it before, from Gorman in fact. She is right and very smart, and we’re all wrong and dumb.

    I’m not sure why you’re mad at Sonoran Alliance for not posting Gorman’s blog post. SA doesn’t post other people’s posts from their blogs, but they do link to them on occasion, just like on this one. Its the 2nd line of this post, and anyone who clicks on it goes to Gorman’s blog to read it themselves. If anyone is confused about what Gorman was writing about, I’d encourage them to read it for themselves. It wasn’t hardly about winning at the federal level, it was about giving Gorman $25 to show her we “give a rip” otherwise she would have to reconsider her personal sacrifices for all of us.

    Give me a break. Senator Gorman can quit anytime she wants as far as I’m concerned. She doesn’t represent me well, she hurts the conservative cause, and she helped to raise my taxes. And I’m tired as can be of her holier than thou attitude.

    In the meantime Restore Integrity, send Gorman her $25 so she knows you care. Then her website can show $145 from 3 donors.

  13. American Women says

    Tortoise, you don’t seem to know Dean Martin very well. Dean Martin is only for Dean Martin just as McCain is only for McCain and Shadegg is only for Shadegg and now Gorman is only for Gorman.

  14. I Hate Taxes says

    So, if we disagree with Gorman, we’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. So now her defenders are treating us like she treats her fellow Republican legislators? I guess they’re learning from the master.

    I am going to NOT give any money to Pamela Gorman. According to her blog post, she will misinterpret that gesture as a sign that I’m flawed and a failed conservative. In truth, I’m going to be giving lots of money to lots of good conservatives. But if my not giving to Gorman gives her yet another reason to reconsider her personal “sacrifice” on “our” behalf, good. She should retire and go away. Her district is very conservative and will elect a good conservative in her place. The cause doesn’t need her, her effort isn’t noble, and we don’t want her there.

    If she stays, it is because she needs the job, the glory, or because she still has some delusion of all of this translating into a Congressional seat. In other words, it will all be about her.

    To everyone else though, have a Merry Christmas.

  15. The Simpson's family says

    Go to Gorman’s blog and read her “My Twitter Updates,” this foul mouth idiot is a Arizona Senator! Read the nasty things she says about Christmas and this little twit about her whiskey delivery.

    (My whiskey has been “out for delivery” since 4 am this morning. That’s 18 hours. its not coming tonight, is it? Someones getting hell tomorrow 2 days ago)

  16. I Hate Taxes says

    I saw the Twitter updates at the bottom of her story, but those don’t seem to be her actual Twitter updates. I’m not sure where those come from. You can look her up on Twitter and see her actual updates and they don’t look anything like those. That’s not to excuse the post itself, which is definitely hers, but to be fair, the Twitter updates at the bottom don’t appear to be hers.

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