Gorman Out As Whip?

The Arizona Republic’s Political Insider is reporting that Senator Pamela Gorman has resigned as the Majority Whip. The same story reports that Senator Ron Gould has announced that he will be seeking to fill the position. Sources on the Senate side are of the opinion that Gould’s announcement is nothing more than a publicity stunt and that he recognizes that he is unlikely to gain the support of the caucus while remaining a major impediment to passage of the state’s budget. The same sources think that a Southern Arizona Senator might be chosen to provide balance to the leadership team, or that a woman Senator might be chosen to replace Gorman, who was the only woman in the Majority leadership. That means that the list might include Senators Paton, Melvin, (Sylvia) Allen, (Carolyn) Allen, and (Linda) Gray. Carolyn Allen is an unlikely as Gould, both for reasons of health and ideology.


  1. Time for an Albany-style coup d’ etat

  2. New Handle says

    Whoever wrote that post has no idea what is going on. First, Gould was obviously jesting. Second, you need to support Burns to get (and keep) a leadership spot. Duh, have you seen all the people unassigned their committee chairmanships? Third, to support Burns you have to support the budget. So no Allen either. And please, her health has nothing to do with anything. Now that Pierce is in there, it’s a matter of getting that thing on the ballot and knowing it will fail.

  3. Pilot Rich says

    The real news is not that Senator Pamela Gorman has resigned as Senate Majority Whip. Rather, it’s amazing she lasted as long as she did. The dirty little secret is that nobody in the Legislature really cares for Gorman and she was probably about to be voted out of her leadership position if she had not stepped down.

    While it is true that Gorman has stood firm as a conservative with the likes of Sen. Gould, and Reps. Biggs and Crump, it is now obvious that she has no leadership skills. Bad combo – being disliked by your colleagues and resigning in disgrace. Rumor is that Gorman will have a Primary challenger next year.

  4. Pilot Rich,

    If she was as unpopular as you claim, its amazing that she ever became whip. Wow she must have really fooled a lot of people. You sound like a real bright bulb.

    Primary challenger next year? By who? She’s never had anyone come within 10 points of her and that was when she was the challenger against two incumbents.

    I guess you are free to make s**t up if you want, but at least try and have some reasoning behind it.

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