Gordon vs. Lory – updated.

Seeing Red AZ has coverage of the event.

Phoenix mayoral candidates to debate this afternoon. Seeing Red AZ has a little background on the event.


  1. Who’s running Steve Lory’s campaign?

  2. Someone with a really small sign maker.

  3. Gordon has amassed $1 million in campaign donations—mostly from developers and contractors working the mega-contracts for everything from CityNorth, light rail, and hotels to university construction. He can afford larger signs.

    We’re better off basing our votes on substance rather than the size of signage.

  4. kralmajales says


    This is what Republicans have been doing and arguing for for years now. Privitization, public/private partnerships, etc. Unless your a libertarian, I don’t see how you can fault Gordon for doing a much better job at running the government as a business than Republicans would.

    Finally, I would also mention that it is interesting to see that business, the biggest and most traditional supporter of the Republican party, quickly peeling away from the Republican party.

    Some dude on here once threw up stats about how business is in the pocket of the Democrats and cited the money over the past 10 years. THAT is telling. Maybe Democrats are now better for business than are Republicans.

  5. As mayor, Gordon is in a position to give sweet deals to those who in turn financially support his campaign. That’s why he has the money his opponent doesn’t. Among his donors are principals in a French company selling buses to the city.

    Don’t you think it odd that only the City of Phoenix, under Phil Gordon, effectively conceals all campaign donors? One has to navigate the torn up downtown streets and sign in to access any such records, during business hours only. Many of us don’t have the luxury of taking such time to research these documents during the middle of the day. If you want copies, they charge 50 cents per page!

    County, state and federal candidates all have their donors listed online. That openness is a great assist to voters in making their ballot decisions. Many of us want to see where the donations come from and who made them. This is public information that should be made readily available by the City of Phoenix, as all other government entities have done. This is the computer age, Kral.

    No more dialogue on this subject. In the past I’ve seen you take a bone in your teeth and never let go. This is all I have to say. I work.

  6. kralmajales says


    I actually agree with you very much about openness in funding. They should make it easy to see who donates…so that you and I can let voters know who is behind the person in office.

    That said, you can’t disagree that what he is doing is much different than what Republicans have called for for years. Closer ties between business in government, privatization, etc.

    I would bet that if you saw the full set of donors you would indeed find developers, road builders, real estate moguls, and a host of other traditional Republican constituents funding his campaign…and not those of the Republican challenger.

    Bone in my teeth or not…the Dems are playing the Republican game better than Republicans are these days. Dripping with money, support of business, and they will get into office with their help.

    Not sure I like it either…but this monster was created long long ago by the Republican party.

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