GOP has self-recruited young talent

The “woe is me” wing of the GOP should note those reports of their demise were a tad premature.

Pundits telling us the future is with Democrats based on youth and ethnicity ignore that the young grow up and ethnic minorities, even when artificially compressed into plantation districts by hack leaders, ultimately act in their own self interest, move away and follow the Irish, the Italians and others into the American mainstream.

Terri ProudRepublicans concerned about youth should check the inordinately large batch of talent seeking local office. Here in District 26 note Terri Proud, a young mother of two planning to make this district solid GOP in 2010. She’s bright, articulate, attractive and has a better grasp of issues than some already there.

In Congressional District Seven, Ruth McClung, 27, is about to save the GOP from the embarrassment of again nominating racist pariah Joe Sweeney. McClung has a unique approach based on the cliche “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.” As an employee of Raytheon who works on rocket design, she is a rocket scientist.

Ruth McClungRepublicans should be embarrassed with Sweeney as a nominee, but incumbent CD7 Congressman Raul Grijalva should notice that a political derelict publicly repudiated by leaders in his own party got 36 percent of the vote against him in a heavy Democrat year.

The big GOP talent show is in CD 8, held by pastel-dog Democrat Gabby Giffords.

Four Republicans are running there.

Tom Carlson and Andy Goss are so far the weakest. Neither has noticed a weekly newspaper in the northern portion of the district with a columnist who writes about this stuff who also hosts a radio talk show.

Carlson served as an Army Reserve officer in Kuwait. Goss is from Sierra Vista and is an Iraqi Army veteran. Their websites are and

It’s hard to avoid Brian Miller and Jesse Kelly both at GOP and other events.

They’re young, attractive, articulate, intelligent conservatives who would give Gabby a real brawl that her glass jaw can’t handle after her Cap and Trade and ObamaCare votes. Both Kelly and Miller have attracted national attention and, like army vet Goss, are under-40 combat veterans of the Middle East.

Edge for now is with Kelly, who has collected both the most endorsements and the most money. Kelly served as a Marine infantryman, Miller as an A-10 pilot and instructor. Websites are: and

The usual backroom GOP suspects have noticed Gabby’s vulnerable, and impressed with incumbent state legislators, are pushing State Sen. Jonathan Paton. They tried this in 2006 with State Rep. Steve Huffman, who lost the primary to former State Rep. Randy Graf, who was promptly shivved by them for being “too conservative.” (When you hear that, read “too uncontrollable.”)

In 2008 they muscled everybody out for State Senate President Tim Bee, someone everybody liked, raised him plenty of money but forced him into a mush-mouthed campaign. He was beaten as big as Graf.


Political street talk has Paton running as a “moderate.” If so, he’ll lose the GOP Primary to either Miller or Kelly, maybe both. The 2008 election moved America just far enough left for more people to find out what that really means. Voters are fed up with party hacks.

Paton’s six months in Iraq as an intel officer is a higher qualification than being a state senator, but any attempt to shove him onto GOP voters here will be met with overwhelming resistance.

Something more relevant than ephemeral youth votes. All five GOP candidates in CD 8 wore a uniform, two more than ran for President (McCain, Hunter, Paul) .

Good trend.

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  1. Iris Lynch says

    All 5 are upstanding men and should run for office, but of these choices, it is Jesse Kelly who will win the nomination. Articulate, bright and physically impressive, he got all of his ducks in a row BEFORE he opened his mouth. There is nothing better to demonstrate the kind of job he WILL do than to demonstrate with the kind of job he has DONE. I do not believe that Jesse will allow himself to get mushy for the GOP and lose this seat for a third time…when do the state leaders ever learn a lesson?

    These other fine candidates should look to fill the other jobs we need them to do and Jonathan needs to stay where he has already proven himself.

  2. Ms Proud spells her first name with an “i” as in “Terri.” I found the correct spelling on her filing papers with the SoS.

    It’s good to see Mr. Franzi is still doing quality work.

  3. Heard it in the halls says

    Paton isn’t going to run, but at least he is a life-long Republican. Can you say that about every candidate that you are hawking? How about all of them being at least a year-long Republican? Does that have you wondering?

  4. Is Lindsey Graham a lifelong Republican? Where have you been the past few years? The Republican Party is in third place behind a party that does not exist. Voters care about issues and conviction, not party labels.

  5. Hmmm, why is the adjective, ‘attractive,’ relevant to a person’s qualifications?

  6. I quote from the article: “Voters are fed up with party hacks.”


  7. Because of television, ‘attractive’ cannot be ignored. All of the truly ugly politicians are Democrats. There it is OK because they have convinced their base that they are all ugly and not lovable, except by them, of course.

  8. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Iris, you’re a hoot!!! ALL our candidates are attractive, and who cares when they became Republicans, if they have views that are in line with our party.

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    GOP Boomer Gal… and what is being “in line with our party”??

    Here’s a hint; the AzGOP Party Platform

    Its spelled out pretty well there – otherwise their use of an (R) after their name is dubious at best.

    As for Paxton, the GOP Party Bosses who lost their party platform years ago, will do the same stupid thing they’ve done since Gabby won the seat – snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Platform and Values both social as well as fiscal define a true Republican.

  10. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Who’s Paxton?

  11. I know Steve Huffman. I can’t say he was a friend of mone… and I can say, happily, that Senator Paton (not Paxton) is NO Steve Huffman!

    If you want to defeat Gabby with a real conservative then your man is Jonathan Paton. Anyone trying to push him as some squishy middle-of-the-road “moderate” is kidding themselves. Just ask the old Democrat Machine of Tucson politics that he broke about how moderate Paton is and you’ll hear screams about what a right winger he is. Ask the TUSD administration too!
    Look, let’s get through the primary and then unite behind whomever comes out on top. Let’s also NOT create enemies amongst ourselves. Victory is ours if we don’t mess it up!

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