GOP Gone Wild; Goddard’s Gallup Gains

by Gayle Plato
Lots of buzz hums above the  Arizona GOP party elites as every state republican with a pulse, a website paid up through November, 2010, and Blackberry that feeds their Facebook hits to a vibrating pocket, plans to dethrone the Queen, Governor Jan Brewer.  Even former governors are jumping on the bandwagon (enter Fife Symington) to run. It’s like the scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, “Bring Out Your Dead”, one almost hears Ms. Brewer yelp, “I’m not dead yet, I feel happy! (politically speaking of course).
Organizational grace and republican party savvy, grant us such a display of choice, we are at the Capitol buffet of leadership. This same astute talent management got us John McCain’s Presidential campaign, and the Arizona State Budget smooth talks.  I’m all a Twitter thinking of all of the fine guys  jello wrestling for the top spot.
Alas, we see the “Boy King”, riding in, with the clomping coconuts to boot, Terry Goddard has the clackity-clack down pat and might just Gallup, er a gallop on passed the GOP huge pack of elephants. Personally, I’m underwhelmed with the whole troupe and am holding out for a good knight, who, though triumphed and wounded by King Arthur, will only claim it a mere flesh wound.

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