GOP endorses Bivens and current Democrat state party leadership for another term

Republicans are endorsing the Arizona state Democrat Party’s leadership for another term. Under the leadership of chairman Don Bivens and Executive Director Maria Weeg, local Democrat candidates throughout Arizona did terribly, losing seats in the legislature to conservative Republicans and getting beat badly in races for Maricopa County Sheriff and County Attorney. Keep it up Bivens & Weeg, you fooled the local newspapers (which no one reads anymore anyways, why bother when you have sites like this and this) that had predicted the Democrats would pick up seats in the legislature, not lose them. Remember the Democrats bragging over the past couple of years about how much money they had raised, and how they had registered more voters than Republicans? I couldn’t keep track of all the articles in the mainstream media gloating about this, there were so many. When the real results came in, all their bragging was was just empty bragging.

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