Goodbye and Good Riddance

     The Arizona Wish List, an abortion on demand group, is promoting a Republican Tribute dinner for the retiring Jim Kolbe. No surprise there. Kolbe is such a fan of death he even supports partial birth abortion.

     The event is turning into a real death fest, with stalwart abortion supporter, now Congressional candidate, Steve Huffman on the Host Committee. Noticeably absent from the committee was long time Kolbe supporter Toni Hellon, no doubt still stinging from Kolbe’s endorsement of Huffman over Toni’s ex Mike. Mike and Steve are the two abortion candidates running for Kolbe’s seat.

     Supposedly this is a fundraising dinner for the Republican Party but it looks like it is shaping up to be an endorsement dinner for Huffman. Judi did a nice job setting up all of this but it may backfire when her guy does not win. At $250 a person I will have to hear about it second hand.

     The really sick part is that at the top of the host committee in bold letters is the name Trent Franks. I am pretty sure they did not give him all the details about this event before putting his name at the top.

     This thinly veiled attempt at a party endorsement of Huffman may not work. Last time around pro-life candidate Randy Graf got 41% of the vote in the Republican primary. That is second place in a 2-way race. In the current five-way it is a win.

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