Goldwater to work to get Munsil elected – that’s integrity!


I was delighted to read the following email tonight from Goldwater!  So, let’s see if we all have the ability to set aside personal opinion, judgements and emotions and jump on board behind Munsil to get Nappy out of offfice and Munsil into office. Care to call, email and meet with friends who supported “whomever” or “none” this Primary and get them to help Munsil win this November?  We must assist Munsil or once again get Nappy and her “NO” attitude.
 September 14, 2006

I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to say “Thank You” for your generous support you have given me and my campaign these last 13 months. No campaign is about one man or woman but rather the ideals expressed by the supporters of the campaign and I hope I represented those ideals in a positve and productive way.

I will be heading back to my work in finance and real estate development with good memories of the people of Arizona that I had the great fortune to meet.

I will continue my work as District 16 Chairman and member of the State and Maricopa County Executive Guidence Committees. I believe that the most important work I can continue to do is to work to secure our borders and help Len beat Governor Napolitano.

This is not a time for reflection but rather a time for action. Low voter turn out will not help in the general election. I ask each of you to work hard to turn out the vote in November. I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

God Bless you and God Bless Arizona.


Don Goldwater


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    I received the same e-mail and was very impressed along with the message that Don posted on his web site shortly after the primary was over. Very gracious and a good sign for November.

  2. thought you might be into this:

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