Goddard hires pricey Gerald Richard as “Law Enforcement Advisor” amidst layoffs

We thought hiring Greg Stanton at a $119,000 salary last month was wasteful considering the state is in the worst budget crisis ever. Now we hear that Goddard also hired former County Attorney Democrat candidate Gerald Richard as a “Law Enforcement Advisor” last month. Wonder what salary he was hired at? We know of at least three attorneys who were laid off from the AG’s Office last month. What is Goddard doing hiring political hacks like Richard while letting experienced prosecutors go? Employees at the AG’s Office making over $50,000 received an email Friday instructing them that they would need to take 10 days of furlough this year. Goddard should not be permitted to hire high-priced Democrat crony political hacks to curry favors for his future run for governor, using the office and its employees.

We thank the left wing Yellow Sheet (which uses the term “railbirds” to identify the left wing sources it quotes to bash Republicans) and the New Times for doing follow-up research on this post and finding out that Richard is being paid the generous salary of $96,740/yr. But we disagree with their cynical reporting (and Rum, Romanism & Rebellion’s post) that our assessment was inaccurate because Richard was hired prior to the first round of layoffs. The attorneys and AG employees who were laid off in the first round of AG layoffs were notified on Jan. 6. Richard was hired on Dec. 8, 2008. The AG’s office obviously figured out sometime prior to Jan. 6 that they were going to lay off 20 employees. Most importantly, they had KNOWN they were in dire fiscal straits due to the state budget being $1-2 billion in the hole for months. They’d had a hiring freeze in place for awhile. How did Richard get around the hiring freeze? Seems pretty irresponsible for the AG to bring on a pricey employee on Dec. 8 considering the dismal state the office was in financially. If this is the best our opponents can do to dissect our reporting, bring it on.


  1. But he’s a Democrat and doesn’t understand what is RIGHT. Can we assume he has lost at least 3 potential votes?

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Goddard only *thinks* he can be elected to something higher. Just wish he wouldn’t spend such high dollars on pipe dreams.

  3. cause law enforcement doesn’t need to work together… no instead they should duplicate their efforts and waste money!

    kind of like Maricipa County …

  4. Read the Yellow Sheet from Feb. 11 on this matter.

  5. If you had actually checked this out – you would have found that Richard was hired LAST fall – not two weeks ago or a month ago when the layoffs were announced…and Oh – just in case you didn’t know – he is the liaison between the AG’s office and police departments across the state – he is invaluable to the office.

  6. See update added at end of original post.

  7. Another Thing says

    $97K is hardly “generous” for a lawyer with over 20 years experience. In the private sector, he could easily earn three times that amount. Not to mention the fact that there are attorneys with less experience making more money at the AG’s office, where salary is usually determined by bar #.

  8. kralmajales says

    Another thing,

    Totally on point.

    This is much ado about nothing. The function of managing the COPLINK program is absolutely up the alley of what most here think is important. Hi-tech, lean, and mean law enforcement that have the data to connnect crimes to criminals and criminals to criminals. THIS is what makes us safe and helps law enforcement do an even BETTER job.

  9. Oh please… get your facts correct in the first place.

  10. Don’t you see that this is to give Gerald “experience” in the AG’s Office so he can run for it in 2010?

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  1. […] Our friends at the Sonoran Alliance wrote in their inimitable manner about the hiring of Gerald Richard by the Attorney General’s office. They complained that this was merely an appointment of a “political hack” in the wake of layoffs from the office. […]

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