Goddard hires political hack ACLU Tim while laying off prosecutors and investigators

Nelson’s double-murderer client Jose Ceja

Sonoran Alliance has previously covered how liberal Attorney General Terry Goddard keeps laying off seasoned prosecutors and investigators so he can hire political hacks who provide no value to the public but who Terry thinks can help him run for Governor.  http://sonoranalliance.com/?p=3761
http://sonoranalliance.com/?p=3701 We wonder what is salary is going to be? This will also set Nelson up for a prime position to run for Attorney General in 2010. How convenient.

Previous hires include failed County Attorney candidate Gerald Richard, a liberal Democrat who had a big hand in Phoenix P.D.’s notorious “sanctuary” policy, and Greg Stanton, a liberal Democrat who just quit the Phoenix City Council.

Now comes word that Goddard has hired former Napolitano lawyer and failed County Attorney candidate Tim

 Nelson as his right hand man.  So what criminal justice credentials does Nelson bring to the Attorney General’s office, which we trust with critical criminal justice functions, including criminal appeals?

Nelson’s exclusive criminal justice experience comes from representing double murderer Jose Ceja, who, despite Nelson’s best efforts to protect him, was executed.  In defending Ceja, Nelson claimed that double-murderer Ceja was “non-violent” and that the death penalty was “torture.”  http://sonoranalliance.com/?p=3129

And now Nelson will be the de facto head of the Attorney General’s office as Goddard campaigns for Governor, and we will be relying on this criminal sympathizer Nelson to keep people like the Baseline Killer and Serial Shooters behind bars?

Terry Goddard and his political hack-filled office are becoming a menace to law abiding citizens.



  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    Chewie, used the word “hack.” That’s hilarious!

  2. I love you Chewie!

  3. Tucson Vice says

    Chewie “The Pot” called someone a hack???

    Wow…Your ACLU Tim tagline really got me!! And oh my gosh! Double murders and fear mongering! You cut me to my core, Chew. You know what? I’m a republican now, because you are that good at this, and you are that good of a writer. No seriously. I was moved. Not 3rd gradeer-ish at all, really.

  4. Whiskey Jack says

    Don’t let the extreme left dissuade you Chewie, you’re doing great!!! Obviously someone’s membership in a fringe left group like the ACLU is relevant, it provides a window into the person’s thinking!

  5. Yes!

    Thank you Chewie!

  6. Auntiefed says

    Once again, “Chewie” makes this blog look foolish. Unlike Richards and Stanton, Nelson actually has significant experience running things in the Attorney General’s Office. He was Napolitano’s right hand man when she was AG. One can hardly call him a political hack when he has experience in that job.

  7. Whaddup? says

    Nelson a “right hand man?” More like a limp left handed tool. Well, with Terry having declared as a candidate for Governor, the office needs someone to turn off the lights each evening.

  8. Очень интересно , спасибо.

  9. I might change for the look kind of sexy for a Linux distro.

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