Goddard flubs major case against Mexican cartel gun supplier – and this guy wants to run for Governor?

How embarrassing. Democrat Attorney General Terry Goddard bungled the prosecution of a gun dealer who was supplying weapons to the Mexican drug cartels so badly that a judge threw out the charges. The case was considered a landmark case because of the cooperation with the Mexican authorities, who provided evidence that guns from the gun shop were used in criminal operations south of the border. It should have been a slamdunk. Now, the earlier convictions of co-defendants may be also thrown out.

A liberal Democrat, Goddard has a history of balking on enforcing laws against illegal immigration. He talks tough occasionally but has actively thwarted laws against illegal immigration, including interpreting Prop. 200 so narrowly its half applying to welfare benefits lost all its teeth. We would not be surprised if his careless attitude toward illegal immigration led to the botched prosecution. He’s been laying off experienced prosecutors and using the money to pay political appointees inflated salaries instead. It’s unfortunate that taxpayers get stuck footing the bill for a prosecution that goes nowhere. This is not anyone we want running our state, as AG or Governor.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Promotion to Governor? The SnowGlobe says, “Not in HIS future”!

  2. Ha, I don’t agree with it all but nice none-the-less


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