Goddard expects to run for Governor after laying off 49 employees & attorneys while bringing on 3 political hacks?

It is so sad that Attorney General Goddard would lay off 49 employees, including several seasoned attorneys, so he can hire three political hacks at inflated salaries. First, he laid off 20 employees in January including seasoned prosecutors like nationally renowned cybercrime expert Gail Thackeray.  Then, after he got those employees out of the way, he brought in Phoenix City Councilman Democrat Greg Stanton as a lobbyist for $119,000/yr, who didn’t need a job but in fact had to resign from the City Council in order to take the job. Next, Goddard brought on failed County Attorney candidate Democrat Gerald Richard in February as a “special policy advisor” making $97,000/yr.  Last month, he hired the other failed Democrat County Attorney candidate, Tim Nelson, as his Chief Deputy in a blatantly transparent attempt to set him up in a position to run for Attorney General after Goddard leaves. Monday, he laid off 29 more employees, including 12 more attorneys.

Under Goddard, the office was mismanaged and run without consideration as to costs. Even though the economy was tanking over the past couple of years, Goddard continued to hire additional attorneys and support staff instead of tightening his budget. Now, Goddard is letting staff and attorneys go who have been with the office for years – so much for seniority. Goddard thinks that he can get away with this, and get elected as governor in 2010. This is a brutal way to treat your employees and Arizonans will remember this when they go to the ballot box. Mismanaging an office then hiring political operatives while you cover for your mismanagement by ruining people’s lives is a nasty way to run Arizona.


  1. So he’s saving taxpayers 46 employee salaries and you’re complaining? Oh no, those poor tax-eaters will have to go find actual productive jobs instead of destroying more Arizonans wealth.

    Give me a break.

  2. No, because those terminated employees will be hired back again when the economy improves. Liberals like Goddard aren’t interested in shrinking government. He will only eliminate employees if absolutely forced to, like this, in the worst conditions for those employees. And when the economy rebounds, he will hire them all back, instead of trying to streamline the office like a real conservative would do.

  3. Freud – you mean like how the “real conservatives” in the lege and governor’s office have “streamlined” there operations. Oh wait, they haven’t

  4. What’s worse is that Tim Nelson has NO criminal justice experience, except when he represented that double murdering monster Jose Ceja.

    These people should be ashamed of themselves, and should think about resigning so that real prosecutors can be hired back…

  5. I swear chewie you just keep bringing this site down. You really think 3 people making a total of a little over 300k is equivalent to 49 employees?? Many of which are attorneys…. He is making the cuts necessary, maybe without these people 7 people have jobs and you are still talking about 42 employees being laid off.

    This is your dumbest post yet and lets be honest you have had some real dumb ones…

  6. confused says

    Given the salary Stanton is pulling in, you’d think he would have done a better job representing the AG at the Capitol. How good of a lobbyist is he if their budget cuts amounted to that many people getting laid off, anyways? I’m sure if Goddard had an R after his name things would have been a little better for him, but regardless- you need a lobbyist who can reach across the aisle. I like Goddard but even I’ll admit Stanton does a pretty crummy job as a liaison.
    On the bright side, with all the money the state is saving on prosecutors we should be able to more than pay for all of the private counsel hired by the House, Senate, and now Treasurer. Way to waste money and bypass the will of the voters, guys.

  7. Goddard’s office has not grown since he took office. Even before the layoffs, it had fewer employees than it did when took over in 2003.

    Why don’t you ask legislators or the Governor why they wanted those positions cut? They were the one’s who passed a budget that required it, despite maintaining or even increasing their own budgets.

  8. Even if he didn’t hire Nelson, he would have needed a Chief Deputy at that salary. Even if he didn’t hire Stanton, he needed a legislative director at that salary. Even if it wasn’t Richards, he needed a law enforcement professional to work on the coplink program at that salary.

    So why did these layoffs happen? Because the legislature and governor put partisanship over public safety and once again slashed the AG’s office budget. And what kind of cuts did the Governor herself take? None

    The legislature has a 3 million slush fund, how much of that did they give back?


    This is why we lost some great state law enforcement officials. I guess you’re right Chewie, politics is at play.

  9. Excellent comic relief blog!!

  10. Other things need to be fixed,

    You can try and spin it all you want but Goddard had no choice because the republican legislature continues to cut the AGs budget. While magically Treasury and Dean Martin do not get anything cut from their budget.

    Even a blind person can see the Republicans are playing politics with peoples jobs and its going to come back to bite them in the ass in 2010.


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