GLT “Beyond The Briefs” on Napolitano

Interesting commentary by Robert Dekoven in the Gay and Lesbian Times regarding Governor Janet Napolitano. Dekoven’s “Beyond The Briefs” applauds Obama and Napolitano on her nomination to Secretary of Homeland Security.

Obama’s choice of Janet Napolitano as secretary of homeland security is significant for us too.

Napolitano, the current governor of Arizona, is supportive of gay rights and, as secretary of homeland security, can instruct her immigration staff to grant asylum to gay and lesbian refugees who flee persecution in their native countries.

Former Attorney General Janet Reno initiated this concept, but right-wing immigration attorneys in the Bush administration argued to send GLBT people seeking asylum back to their countries of origin, as long as there were remote places where they could hide. (Imagine sending Jews back to Nazi Germany to live in the hills!)

Napolitano will also have the power to remove the homophobic immigration judges DHS hired under Bush, and this will affect other areas of immigration law too. For instance, it will affect whether we can bring our spouses to the U.S., as straights can, without fear they will be sent back.


  1. Good to see that SA is an avid reader of the Gay and Lesbian Times.

    If you think the GLBT people support Janet, you’re wrong. Even the far left is showing disdain for the Obama cabinet picks.

  2. Candie Dates says

    Silly SA,

    You should try subscribing to Google Alerts. News items like the aforementioned are always being sent to Sonoran Alliance writers.

  3. Actually, the quotes are filled with misinformation. I quite well aware of persons of GLT orientation who have been granted status in this country during the past 8 years due to persecution related to gender identity issues. Obviously due to confidentiality I can’t give names.

  4. The vast majority of GLT people however do not even make it to the US as once their country finds out about their application they are frequently murdered or imprisoned.

    Yes, murdered by their government. Our government is complicit in these acts when they hide behind homophobia. Come on people it doesn’t matter whether Janet is at Homeland Security or not. These practices are nothing more than institutional genocide.

    Btw – the US is one of the few countries that do not grant asylum or even allow for partners to sponsor to their non-US partners.

    Time to grow up!

  5. Candie Dates Says: “You should try subscribing to Google Alerts. News items like the aforementioned are always being sent to Sonoran Alliance writers.”

    I’m sure you have all sorts of keywords to trigger your Google alerts, including man love, muscle, gays, rainbow, closet-homosexual, etc.

    Kidding, Candie, but you do see how funny it looks.

  6. Candie Dates says

    Silly SA,

    LOL! I have to agree that was pretty funny but you forgot to add a few more stereotypes like “hairdresser” “florists” and “best dresser.”

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    “…to grant asylum to gay and lesbian refugees ”

    Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled gays and lesbians…

    Janet Reno was Nappy’s mentor. Remember Reno’s reign of terror?

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