Glenn Beck RIPS John McCain this morning!

Glenn Beck ripped into John McCain’s latest ad this morning on his radio show.

(Memo to Glenn Beck: Expect Team McCain to go negative on you including threats of retribution via the FCC.)

On his program, Beck stands up to McCain calling him a progressive who has no credibility on border security and illegal immigration. He even refers to the quote from Vanity Fair in which McCain said:

“By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”

To hear the program click here.



  1. Arizona Luke says

    LOL.. Beck is spot on! as usual.

  2. Now if only the geniuses in the Republican Party can see through McCain. What a joke that they still support him. I’m a proud Republican, but I don’t like the good ole boy network they have.

  3. DeAnn:

    The network is greased by political donation.

    The donors require cheap, unskilled illegal labor to maintain profit levels and the network ensures that the immigration spigots are kept open!

    The rest of us can go fly a kite!

    It’s as simple as that!

  4. Iris Lynch says

    Become a precinct committee person and take back the party, as many of us are doing. The power is there for the taking!

  5. Martin Sepulveda says

    I watched a GB program where he put Theodore Roosevelt in the same catagory as Woodrow Wilson. Yeah, Beck is totally dialed in … to his own reality.

    Other than his Obama hot line, I find very little value in his program. I’m not really sure I understand how Beck is so qualified to opine on anything in the first place.

    John McCain is far from perfect, but compared to JD and his pal Abramoff, Senator McCain is the man for the job. Does Beck make that comparison? Does it matter?

    Regarding the border issue; how does Glen Beck have standing on this issue? Some of the earliest legislation that Sen McCain sponsored, regarding manning the border properly, goes back to 1999.

    I guess Beck, or Hayworth for that matter, didn’t think that was relevent.

    I’m tired of all these out of state, self annointed TV clowns telling me which way the wind is blowing here in Az.

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