Giuliani talks gun control.

Rudy Giuliani was in California this last weekend and explained his support for gun control. Rudy probably felt pretty comfortable discussing the topic in that state. Trouble for him is that California is one of the last states in the primary line-up. Republican primary voters in early states like New Hampshire, South Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota, Utah, and Florida might not agree with Giuliani that gun control is such a great idea.

The article about his trip to California quotes Rudy as saying “I understand the Second Amendment.” He claimed his past actions would have no effect on hunting. That is strange. I did not know the Second Amendment had anything thing to do with hunting.

It’s not like the other leading contenders are much better on this issue. McCain got a C in 2004 from the NRA Political Victory Fund (PVF.) Romney got a B from NRA-PVF when he ran for governor in 2002. For an A rated governor running for president you only have to look next door at New Mexico where Bill Richards was enthusiastically supported by the NRA-PVF in his 2006 race (that he won.) Maybe those crafty Democrats are on to something.


  1. It is widely assumed that California will move its primary to Feb. 5.

    A candidate telling us what they believe versus what we want to hear! Would you rather he lie or compromise his beliefs?

    I’m sure the reference to hunting has everything to do with one of the biggest and best arguments agains the gun control lobby. There should be background checks and required safety courses for gun ownership. His experience as Mayor tells him gun ownership should be restricted in high-crime areas and harsh penalties be in place for crimes perpetrated with a gun. I’m sure the ACLU will determine that all these things are profiling. I can live with it.

    As for Bill Richards(on), I think his name ID could use some help, and due to his longtime registration as a Democrat, will likely not fare well in the Republican primary…. You should write him in though.

  2. The Founders placed the Second Amendment adjacent to the First, because they realized the importance of being able to defend one’s self and family. It was never intended to be a bone thrown to hunters.

  3. Walter,

    If gun control worked Washington D.C. and the Republic of Mexico would be very safe places with low crime rates. Since it doesn’t work they are both crime-ridden areas where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless against criminals.

    I never suggested that Richardson was a Republican. Yes, his name ID is low but if the Democrats were smart they would put him at the top of their list.

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