Giuliani hires Gordon C. James

According to an article in The Phoenix Business Journal Rudy Giuliani has hired the well-connected PR firm of Gordon C. James to do a fundraiser next month.

No doubt the Giuliani team will broadcast the large amount of money they raise at the event. I just wonder how much they will actually keep after having it organized by a major PR firm.


  1. roderick parker says

    Wait – I thought Lisa James was a McCain stooge? Wouldn’t it be funny if Pullen was the McCain guy all along?

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    James for Giuliani, eh? Now didn’t somebody say something about that earlier?

    WAIT! It was me!

  3. STS, very sorry about not giving proper credit to you for mentioning it first. Sometimes I like to follow up on an item when it hits the mainstream press.

  4. Oh ye of little faith.

  5. In my opinion, Giuliani is worst than McCain. So what does that tell us. Randy was the right choice. Even if Lisa wasn’t a McCainite, she has now shown how she would compromise. Giuliani should really be a Democrat, more so than McCain. If it came down to the ONLY choices were McCain and Giuliani on the Republican ticket. I would vote for McCain. That’s saying how unsuitable Giuliani really is for the Republican nomination.

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I’m teasing Gnat, you’re doing a great job… Keep it up and keep us informed. At the time I mentioned it, it was merely a well-placed rumor. I wasn’t aware that the hire was eventually made, so you’ve broken news as opposed to rumor.

    Keep the passion Jamie, but its probably time to change the subject… Presidential candidates yes, state chairman candidates no. It would have to be a real scoop of something to bring us back to that topic. The race is over, we won, and we need to be gracious about it so that everyone can come back together and press on. No sense ripping the scab off of the wound for those who really liked Lisa… It only makes it tougher to get them back on the team!

  7. I agree with STS on this. It is time to move on from the chairman’s race. I was tempted to add that dimension to this post but it really is not relevant at this time. Look forward to ’08 not back to January ’07.

    Jamie you make an interesting point about Giuliani. Lots of people have talked about his position on abortion. I think that combined with his strong support for gun control sinks his campaign sometime about mid February after several Republican primaries are held in pro-gun, conservative southern and western states. The primary schedule will not be kind to Rudy.

  8. Roger Thompson says

    The “James Gang” goes wherever the political money is. It’s not a matter of affection.

    Don’t you get it?

  9. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And if Roger is right, then there really isn’t anything wrong with that. There are those attracted to politics because of issues and ideology, and there are those who job skills prompt those in politics to seek them out. They’re good at what they do and they are interested in making a living, so they’ll work for whomever.

    It takes all kinds!

  10. Roger Thompson says

    There’s a word for describing someone with no core principles who works strictly for the money.
    I hope STS rethinks his comment.

  11. I wasn’t going to get involved in this but the tone has shifted from interest in the party presidential race to one of character assassination. When people hide behind the safety of their anonymity and attempt to direct thought and perception of others in a way that is far less than correct, truthful, or of any positive purpose it is cowardly at best and absolutely despicable at worst. I would caution all of us to not be too daring with our words as you may not be as stealth as you think you are. No good deed goes unnoticed and no bad deed goes unpunished. I am not threatening just cautioning against self destructive behavior. That is God’s law not mine. You sew a seed of hate and a harvest of the same fruit will come back at you. Whether your identity is secret or very open, it is wrong to spout off about things, of which you have very little information, have made a blanket assumption of the story, and then characterized people based on your limited knowledge.

    STS is right. It is over. The “James Gang” is hardly a morally bankrupt, in it for the money crowd. If you need to clump, think of it like this. Gordon James did not run for chair, Lisa did. Where is it written a wife must possess the same political beliefs as her husband? “Clump this”…What they do both believe in is; the process is the thing. That we live in a country where we have the right to elect our own leaders is the most vital and essential element of our democracy. That is Lisa’s passion, sustaining the process. Gordon James may like Rudy. Lisa may or may not. It is no longer relative to the issue at hand.

    So, when you are labeling and positioning for another “gotcha” moment, look at your self first. If you are without fault, if no one in your family has ever dared to disagree with your political leanings,….go ahead and chunk that rock, baby. Until then, that glass house some of you live in is looking pretty vulnerable.

  12. Roger Thompson says

    Great job of moralizing, as usual, Ann.
    And while you’re berating others for hiding behind “hiding behind…cowardly anonymity,” how about telling us who you are? This cuts both ways.

  13. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Roger – Someone who does it for money is called a professional. Professional is not a bad word.

    And Ann, in fairness to identification, no one has to know who any of us are. We don’t know who you are because we don’t know your last name and we don’t even know if Ann is your first name. I’m not asking your identity, I’m just pointing out that using “Ann” doesn’t make you any different…

  14. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Also Roger, you assume that doing work for Giuliani is “against the principles” or is somehow compromising work for James’s company. Looking at their client list, there isn’t anything to support that. So saying that they have no core principles and are doing it just for the money isn’t a fact, its just your opinion.

    Incidentally, I don’t know what you do for a living, but if you’re getting paid for it, would you describe yourself as a professional or a prostitute?

  15. Roger Thompson says

    I made a point about core values–not prostitution. If one is solidly pro-life, what would it take to accept a job with Planned Parenthood? What if the salary was twice what you previously made?
    Would a strong Second Amendment advocate lobby on behalf of the Brady Bill if the price was right? Would a faith-based lobbyist be able to look himself in the mirror if the contract called for pushing a Right-to-Die bill on behalf of his pharmaceutical employer? These are tough choices.

    Reminds me of this dialogue attributed to Winston Churchill:
    Churchill: Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?
    Socialite: My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course…
    Churchill: Would you sleep with me for five pounds?
    Socialite: Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!
    Churchill: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.

  16. Roger,

    Nowhere on their site did I read that Gordon C. James Public Relations is pro-life, pro-gun firm. To quote from their web site “We are a client-driven agency. We listen to our clients’ needs and objectives, and create realistic programs that produce a measurable impact toward achieving those objectives.” Sounds very consistent to me.

  17. Roger, I’m not sure what it is you are quoting in your post, but those were not my words. Your attempt to paraphrase is a bit off from the point. I clearly hit a nerve and I can think of worse insults than to be accused of moralizing a conversation. A reference to someone “with no core principles who works strictly for the money” should illicit a moral response when it is a very inappropriate reference and blatantly untrue. Others have made that point very well.

    The anonymity factor is something we all benefit from, but unless I misunderstand the purpose of this site, it isn’t something to be used to make personal attacks that are basically unfounded and serve no good purpose. Oh, but wait… that could be considered moralizing….but, then if the shoe fits.

    STS and az gnat, good points. Gordon James is very good at what he does. His experience in both campaign management and fundraising is exceptional. He has always been more to the center than Lisa but has never expected her to be his identical twin. A seasoned professional with a solid track record of success, availability, and a respected Republican…why shouldn’t Giuliani go after him?

  18. Roger Thompson says

    I’ve been out of town and just read the ridiculous discussion regarding my comment. I did not imply that either Lisa or Gordon James would work for Planned Parenthood, Right-to-Die causes or gun control lobbies. I merely posed the question about core values and what it would take to get someone–anyone–to circumvent their long-held beliefs for employment. Obviously, such posers made people uncomfortable.

    Please don’t bother to reply to me. The visceral piling on and sanctimonious replies have made me realize that this is not an open discussion forum celebrating a real exchange of ideas.

  19. Roger,

    If this is not an open forum please tell me what is.

    We have not edited or deleted any of your comments and have one of the easiest comment sections among Arizona blogs. Please tell me of another major blog in the state that has such an open and active comment section.

  20. Just for the record our firm does not do much political work and we are not stategists. We have never managed a campaign but have been involved in all six national presidential campaigns where either 41 or 43 has run. Luckily they won five out of six.

    We have been working and volunteering for the Bush family for almost 30 years. When we were asked by the Mayor’s group to help with fundraising in the Southwest we were honored to say yes.

    I personally think that Mayor Giuliana is a man of integruity who will make a great President.
    As far as I know Lisa has yet to make a committment to any candidate and is enjoying her time with the children.

    I am sure when the time comes she will jump in with both feet to support the Republican nominee.

  21. Gordon James writes:
    “I personally think that Mayor Giuliana is a man of integruity who will make a great President.”

    Since you are so committed to his candidacy, at least learn to spell Giuliani correctly.
    And, for the record, this is the correct spelling of INTEGRITY.

  22. my fingers don’t type too well.

  23. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey Smart Voter:

    Let’s ping the regulars for silly errors but we should cut folks like Gordon James some credit if there is a typo or two. He deserves credit for showing up and responding. He even used his real name! Gotta respect that around here and I say its worth a bit of slack…

    What do you say?!

  24. Hometown Guy says

    Cut him slack for numerous errors in a short post? Sure, if he were my teenage son. Gordon James runs a high-powered political consulting/strategy firm, representing major players. Since presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is now his client, I would think he could at least spell his name.

    In two adjacent sentences he misspelled “Giuliani,” “integrity” and “commitment.” That’s D quality work. Do his clients get a reduced price when he sends out mailers, brochures and requests for contributions if their name is misspelled?
    We all make errors, but this qualifies as super sloppy.
    Maybe he hires expert clerical personnel and Gordon James provides the brains.

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