Gingrich Speaks

As Oscar the cat waits outside the political hospice room of Senator John McCain, Newt Gingrich has gone out on a limb with a prediction for the Dems. The only thing I disagree with in his assessment, is the order of the nominations.


  1. I think this is one of those unusual occurrences when Newt’s wrong, I can’t imagine Hillary ceding any of the spotlight to Obama, her ego’s too big. I think you can count on Dodd or Vilsack (IOWA) as her VP candidate.

  2. The nomination is done in the primaries, the conventions being more of a cursory event or formality. If the primaries are too close to call, she would reason her placement in the VP role as the woman being subjected to the number two spot and an insult to her superiority. The vast right wing conspiracy would be replaced by a male domination league or something of the sort.

    Now, she might consider number two if the primaries put her clearly in the second place ranking. She would still make history and be in the prime spot to run as the VP.

    I can’t see her allowing him on her ticket at all. He would be too much competition for the attention and this woman does not like to share. I do believe he would take it however. This is where we see just how much pull Bill still has, if the party is more about winning or pleasing Bill

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