Gilbert Mayor In Trouble?

We’ve watched this story develop for a few days because its been primarily a domestic relations situation so we’ve been hesitant about posting anything on it. (Drudge Report is now reporting it.) But because Sonoran Alliance strives to uphold solid conservative principles and not simply politics, we are now linking over to the stories and throwing in our two cents.

According to The East Valley Tribune and the Arizona Republic, Gilbert Mayor is in a nasty domestic relations dispute with estranged wife, Michelle.

As the Republic reports:

A detailed report into the investigation of Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman revealed the series of events that unfolded a public spat between Berman and his estranged wife.

The report, released Friday, has been forwarded to the Maricopa County Attorney by the sheriff’s office.

But the report did not detail any recommended charges, and interviews with both parties revolve around a he-said, she-said battle.

In the 31-page aforementioned report, Michelle Berman claims Steve Berman threatened to kill his wife and hurt her father. Michelle’s accusations entered the public arena when she mentioned it to a Police Department counselor who then reported it to Gilbert’s Chief of Police, Tim Dorn. Dorn then handed off the investigation to the Maricopa County Sheriff to investigate.

When interviewed by the East Valley Tribune regarding the accusations, Michelle Berman stated, “Please make it clear that I wish him no harm. I just wanted a quick, quiet separation and divorce. But because of the threats, I had to report it to a counselor.” (The Bermans were married last November after a six-year courtship.)

The Tribune also reveals that Steve Berman claims that most of their domestic dispute started over his wife’s addition to prescription pain drugs.

While this story takes on the theme of a “he-said, she-said” situation, SA takes the accusations very seriously especially in light of official Maricopa County Court divorce documents.

Currently, the investigation continues but the Mayor has not been arrested, indicted or convicted. However as every public official knows, when you enter into the public spotlight, everyone is watching.

(Incidentally, watch for the Republic to run a similar story on another elected official/candidate.)


  1. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    I was surprised to read this was his 4th wife.

  2. I hope he is finally out of the Mayor’s office. I have never voted for him and would love to see someone else finsh his term. Who knows with Eddie Farnsworth challenging Thayer Verschoor for the Senate seat in Gilbert(which is too bad to see he should take 2 years off), obviously someone has got to lose. I like them both, but I am voting for Thayer. He has proven that he is a much better leader and has a real shot at being Senate President. Anyway, maybe the loser of the race can replace Berman once he gets outed.

    Any comments?

  3. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Ya gotta love DEMOCRACY.

  4. Wyfe B. Terr says

    Domestic violence could very well become a campaign issue this election season. Bottom line – Wife beaters shouldn’t hold office.

  5. Just Win Baby says

    Major difference, at least so far, is that one is admitted, the other merely accused. I’m not saying it looks good for Berman, it certainly does not. But drug addictions can lead to some pretty vindictive behavior when you’re trying to get back with those who don’t accommodate the addiction. I’m not sure we know everything here yet, so I’ll try to withhold judgment. But no, it doesn’t look good for him at all.

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