Gilbert Elections Just Around the Corner

I’m privileged enough to get to help out a wonderful candidate running for town council in Gilbert. Two seats are up for election as Don Skousen attempts to move to the mayor’s seat against Steve Berman and current council member, Joan Krueger, defends her seat. Altogether, there are seven candidates including the incumbent.

Tonight, the East Valley Tribune sponsored a forum which lasted only an hour. Truthfully, the Trib should have asked for 90 minutes but we all understand that budget cuts affect everything including debate time.

All the candidate for council were present: Jenn Daniels, John Sentz, Erin Scroggins, Lonnie Stradling, Joan Krueger, James Hazel and William Jefferson. For 60 minutes each candidate made the case why they should be the one elected to sit in one of the two seats.

I’m not going to get into details about the debate but suffice it to say that only four candidates really stuck out as being credible. Of course, “my candidate” was one of them.

As a resident in Mesa, I like to stay up to speed on what’s happening in my “neck of the valley” so I frequently read Mesa Issues and Thoughts on Mesa. My question to our readers is, other than the Tribune and Republic, who is covering politics in Gilbert?

Finally, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the council candidate forum this evening.


  1. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Scroggins was a joke, he kept adding his 2 cents in on EVERY question. Jenn Daniels, she will be a force to be reckoned with. For a rookie, she didn’t do half bad.

  2. George of the Desert says

    When Dick moves to my hometown of Gilbert (which is what the original post is about), I’ll care.


    I like Don Skousen. He needs to get some signs up in Gilbert so people remember he’s running. But I’m also curious about John Lewis’ position on the issues.

    Dave Petersen is a good man, but a little to the John Birch side of things for my taste.

    And dang it, I just don’t know what to think of Steve Berman anymore. He’s an enigma to me.

    No matter what, I do keep hearing that Gilbert is less business-friendly than Mesa and Chandler (at least for small businesses).

    Since I don’t own a business, I can’t know how true this is, but it’s been a complaint heard around town for years.

    I’ll support candidates who can reasonably articulate their ideas for helping business growth in Gilbert. We must shed this reputation.

  3. John Lewis is head and shoulders above the others for mayor. His experience in community issues and his financial expertise will be great assests to Gilbert. Dave and Don are both great guys, but Don’s heart is not in it. Steve’s personal problems trump all the good that he’s done for Gilbert. There are some good choices for the council: Jenn Daniels will be an energetic breath of fresh air; Lonnie Stradling is solid, and John Sentz also seems well qualified.

  4. RonB,
    Don Skousen seems to think he is in it. Dont let his easy going style fool you. He has more experience and integrity and knowledge of town issues than any one else up there.
    Lewis is a nice man.
    Berman should focus on not lobbying insults so easily. He said that the Town Council could send the manager out to mow lawns if they wanted to. That is a little harsh.

  5. Gilbert Watcher says

    Whoa! Is this the same Joan Krueger who was mentioned in this Free Republic article?

  6. ConstitutionMan says

    Agree with RonB that in the forum John Lewis stood out from the rest. I have looked at the other candidates and think a lot of them are nice guys with good intentions but Lewis is my pick so far.

  7. “Gilbert Watcher.”

    You’re not much of a “Gilbert Watcher” if you don’t know that Joan Krueger has been a member of the Town Council for the past 4 years. In fact, Ms. Krueger has done a great job as a member of the council and deserves to be reelected. Wake up “Gilbert Watcher.”

  8. Steve Calabrese says

    The candidates will also be answering written questions (sorry, deadline for question submission is up!) at the District 22 Republican Meeting.

    Here’s some info from the email that went out to PC’s – note, candidate attendance does not seem to be guaranteed:

    February 12, 2009 – 7 to 9pm (refreshments and mingling starts at 6:40pm)

    All council and mayor candidates will be invited. The location will be at:

    Eagle Aerie School
    17019 S. Greenfield Rd. (NE intersection of Greenfield Rd. (Santan Village Pkwy.) and Pecos Rd.

    The forum will consist of written questions and oral questions. The written questions will be given to the candidates prior to the event and their answers will be available to read at the meeting.

  9. Interesting article about Joan. I did not realize there was a background story to her voting.

    Looks like Jenn Daniels might be the right vote. Recently we wrote to the mayor and all the council members concerning the SRP power sub-station going in next to the Edu Prize School in Gilbert, and Jenn Daniels is the only one who responded. Granted, Jenn Daniels has not done anything that we know of to help resolve the situation, and frankly has not responded since the initial response, however, the initial response is still more than any of the others.

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