Gila County Precinct Committeeman Straw Poll Results of Incumbent Republicans

For Immediate Release: Friday, March 12, 2010

This past Saturday the results of a Republican, incumbent-focused straw poll commissioned by Chairman Jeff Loyd of Gila County were announced at the county committeeman meeting. The straw poll garnered over 55% response rate from the elected and appointed precinct committeeman of the Republican party in Gila County. This poll was commissioned by Chairman Loyd to “keep a finger on the pulse” of the county and get a feel for the majority of Republican leanings thus far in the election cycle. While the results may not surprise you, they are nonetheless telling of the overall feeling of the grassroots activists and faithful army of the party. Chairman Loyd stated, “The results of this poll must be considered by all of our Republican candidates interested in gaining the support of the pc’s and activists in Gila County. Taking it a step further, being endorsed by a certain incumbent listed (or not listed) in this poll may be detrimental to your campaign in Gila County. Wisely use and understand these results.”

The incumbent offices polled were: Federal Senate, Governor, State Senate. Due to the fact that Republicans do not hold the CD1 seat, that office was not polled.

The poll consisted of the three incumbent names for the offices listed above with the instructions to assign a number (from the chart below) next to each name corresponding to how the committeeman voter felt about that elected official and the job they were doing.

1. Absolutely satisfied, make sure he/she is re-elected.
2. O.K., some of the time.
3. Disappointed more often than not.
4. Really bad. I hope there will be a better candidate to vote for.


Senator John McCain received 51% – “Really bad. I hope there will be a better candidate to vote for.”
Governor Jan Brewer received 48% – “Really bad. I hope there will be a better candidate to vote for.”
State Senator Sylvia Allen received 94% – “Absolutely satisfied, make sure he/she is re-elected.”

If you do not like these results then you should become a precinct committeeman and voice your opinion in polls like these. To get more information about becoming active in the Republican party and joining the ranks of P.C.’s in Gila County, contact 2nd Vice Chairman Bruce Wales at (928) 478-8822 or Chairman Loyd at (623) 332-2922.


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    You will notice the dead silence from McRINO supporters Horst and Jeff vath (AKA TonyGOPrano)on these poll results. As I have been blogging about for months the GOP PC’s, the party’s grassroots, are furious with McCain and the other RINO’s and will be working in the primary to get them booted out.

    Courtesy of the internet based precinct committeeman project conservatives have been flooding into PC slots in the AZ GOP for over a year. Conservative PC’s have the numbers to take firm control of the AZ GOP and swing their weight in the primary.

    It’ll be a bad day in RINO-land come August 24.

  2. To claim that you are representative of PCs is ridiculous.

    Perhaps the reason no one is responding is because the majority of PCs think straw polls mean nothing. Nothing about this “poll” is meaningful.

    I continue to laugh about your assertion of power. Those of us who have been elected PCs for years have seen people like you for years. You and your hate-filled zeal will burn out.

    Those of us who care about the Party will continue to work, be well informed and reasonable and get the job done. The fact that you think there’s a coup and that you have some extraordinary power is strange.

    Your zeal is based on hate and half-turths. It won’t last. People will grow tired of the mania and you will find another obsession.

    No comment on the meaningless poll, but plenty to say about vitriol.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    “Travis” the RINO,

    Perhaps the reason that few people are responding is:

    1 – There are more conservaties than RINO’s on SA. SA is supposed to be a conservative blog and is not a natural home for RINO’s
    2 – The RINO see the hand writing on the hall and don’t like what it means.

    I have no extraordinary powers. I look at things objectively and can count. For over one year the internet based precinct committeeman project has worked to bring new conservative PC’s into the GOP. Those conservative PC’s have taken control of the GOP in other states. Due to county/state leadership election timing Nevada was the first. AZ is about a year behind.

    In AZ the PC’s rolls have more than doubled. The vast majority of those PC’s, like me, are constitutional conservatives that have come from tea Party’s, 9-12 groups, etc. Just like they do in Congrees when they “whip” the vote count, we can also count. In the Maricopa GOP election for “members-at-large” the 5 member conservative slate won by a 4 to 1 margin. How’s that for a poll?

    The country and the GOP lost their way over a long period of time and, while there are no quick fixes for either, the fix for the AZ GOP is faster and simplier. The leadership issues will get resolved in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011. As I said I have no special powers but I can count and we have the numbers in the bag. That’s how it works.

    I have not seen you contest the numbers of conservative versus RINO PC’s so it looks like you agree with my counting. It’s time for the RINO’s to sit on the sidelines while we fix their mess.

  4. Travis is right! Mr. Konut YOU are the Real RINO; ‘Johhny come lately Konut’ who is just a recently APPOINTED PC, tell us how HE is going to take over the AZ GOP. Once August 24th comes, YOU will disappear! POOF!

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Jeff Vath crawls or rolls out from under his rock.

    Sorry you don’t like the conservative PC numbers. They are what they are. Since there has been no one contesting them you are in agreement with them.

    I’m not sure what you think I’m taking over since I’ve not indicated I’m running for anything. The conservative PC’s as a group will own the AZ GOP following the Dec-Jan elections of county leadership, state commiteeman and state leadership. Too bad Jeff. You should have been recruiting as hard as we have but I guess you don’t get out much when you’re job is to stay in the internet shadows and sit and blog for McRINO.

  6. SK – I don’t need to contest any numbers. Anyone who has any real knowledge about significant polling knows this is useless for your particular gloating.

    I am not a RINO. I have been a Republican and working for the Party much longer than you. You don’t know me or how I vote. I have said nothing that makes me less conservative than you or anyone else. If you can find it – print it.

    So, you’re appointed? That’s why I couldn’t find you on the list of elected PCs. Don’t count your chickens before they’re elected. Perhaps you don’t know how this works. Maybe this is why you choose to name-call and rant incoherently – you don’t have any real power or knowledge.

    I recommend you ratchet back the ranting until you actually know something. If you want to have some real power, get elected to something that requires more than 23 votes. Here’s a hint, though: It won’t happen.

  7. Stephen Kohut says


    If I google Travis will I find “hot air” or just another blogger hinding behind an assumed name? Frankly no one can tell what you are, could be anything from the latest name Jeffy is using to almost anythign else.

    I have to laugh at those folks “in the know” that think other people don’t understand how things work, don’t understand bylaws, county and state committee electoral cycles. etc. This isn’t rocket science.

    If you don’t know how and where to find full lists of any and all PC’s, elected and appointed, let me know. It’s not hard, piece of cake actually and if Jeffy had to give you my status you certainly don’t know much about it, do you?

    The best part of this thread is I have yet to here a peep about the Maricopa member-at-large election. Did that take you by surprise? It didn’t take the conservative PC’s by surprise at all. They can count without a struggle.

  8. Google Stephen Kohut and you’ll find some interesting things.

  9. Steve:

    The only reason ‘Travis” is a RINO is due to the fact that he’s on the lookout for a party position and the GOP libs have the money to support him!

    If McCain wasn’t swimming in campaign dough, Travis would disappear!

  10. You calling people RINO means nothing. Your definition depends on your blind hate and nothing else. It holds the same weight as the straw polls.

    What matters is the number of votes McCain gets in the primary. That number will be more than JD. The reasons are many.

    You can recruit as many PCs as you like and it won’t change the election. You can get your hands on some information, but it means very little. You and your minions can move around party politics here and there, but in the end, reasonable, informed people will prevail. I have no doubt about it. The principles of the Republican party are strong enough to keep people like you from going too far and doing too much damage.

    You’re right that you can’t tell what I am because you don’t know me. I don’t matter that much and neither do you. The only reason you google me, look me up and poke around is so that you can say something rude. It’s obvious that you don’t care if it’s true or not. This is how you operate and it’s useless.

    Finally, your point that SA is only for people that you approve of, based on a scale of your own making, is also bizzare. I’ve been on here longer than you. If Shane didn’t want me here, he could block me. Shane’s a good guy and he won’t.

  11. Stephen Kohut says


    Shane does an exceptional job with SA and my thanks to him for an excellent venue. While he is a JD supporter his site is very fair and unbiased. That shows an excellent level of integrity.

    Now, have you actually read the GOP platform? Funny thing is that it reads about right down the line what us tea party conservative believe. Which is why we will take the GOP back to its conservative roots and make ot once again be the party of Reagan. We’ve been at this a little over one year. Have taken back a good number of state GOP parties and are on track for AZ in Jan 2011. Can you say Tea-publican?

    Who needs a third party when we can have a reenergized second party of bright bold colors rather than pale pastels. You might go read Reagan’s 3/1/1975 speech. He laid it out beautifully and pulled it off for his 1980 run. We are answering Ronnie’s call to fix today the same problems he saw in the GOP. It’s obvious that we are making significant progress beacuse the GOP moderates (AKA RINO’s) are running around with their shorts twisted in a knot. If bright bold conservative colors are not your cup of tea than the GOP of the future may not be the place for you.

    We’ll continue to recruit PC’s. Those PC’s and the volunteers they recruit will get out the vote for conservative candidates in the 8/24 primary. McCain is going to have a very rough ride. The first he has every truly faced in a primary. It will be fun.

    Lastly, I don’t waste my time googling bloggers that hid behind fake names.

  12. Travis:

    It never ceases to amaze me that you never back up your assertions with specifics!

    But you’re quick to use leftist cliches like: “hate” to smear an opponent

    That tactic, designed to avoid serious debate, shows that you’re not intellectually capable or ready to deal with substantive issues!

    Remain a gofer and compose vapid platitudes and save yourself embarrassment!

  13. Stephen Kohut says


    You’ll also note the dead silence from RINO’s like Jeff Vath (AKA TonyGOPrano) or Travis on the results of the Maricopa GOP member-at-large election landslide which puts a big hole in their mantra that the conservatives will not control the AZ GOP by Jan 2011. Polls are nice. Elections are what count.

  14. “Hate” is a leftist cliche? Says who? You’re so irrational that this is your argument? Weird.

    You’re not my opponent. Like so much on here, you’ve made it up in your own mind. Not everything is a contest. Not everyone works for McCain. Not everyone is after you. You’re delusional. The more you talk, the more you prove it. I don’t need to. I don’t need to produce statistics for the things I say. I just state the obvious. If someone disagrees with me, I am comfortable with that. Reasonable people can take honest disagreement with others. Unreasonable people rant, call names, throw verbal bombs and go after people with lies.

    I’m not afraid to address the Member-at-Large vote. You win some, you lose some.

    My life or the future of the AZ GOP does not depend on a few elections. Obviously, you are super excited about it. You want to extrapolate huge, life-altering meaning from it. I don’t. Nor do the majority of the conservative Republicans in this state. I do have some proof of that: Senator McCain, Senator Kyl, Rep. Frank, Rep. Flake , Rep. Shadegg.

    As for my vapid platitudes: Usually vapid platitudes are ignored and do not incite compulsive rants. You can’t have it both ways. Either it’s vapid or it’s hitting a nerve.

  15. Steven Kohut is my favorite kind. You all sit here and quote Regan and talk about bringing it back to his era.

    You completely miss the irony or are just ignorant to the fact that Regan raised taxes. It was a necessary feat yet when Brewer proposes a temp tax you lynch her.

  16. Re #11 & Reagan: Don’t forget Reagan’s actual amnesty for illegals.

    Wonder if Kohut was calling him liberal and ranting then. Reagan was also pro-abortion originally, his kids promoted gay rights and his wife was friends with every Hollywood ding-bat.

    I’m glad I didn’t listen to the haters then either.

    Politicians who actually do more than talk may make mistakes.

  17. nightcrawler says


    Did you support Ron Paul in the last Presidential primary ?

  18. Travis:

    If you’d took in leftist blog sites and listened to the portside opinions of their elites, the word “hate” when describing opponents it ubiquitous!

    And please speare us the pious “aw schucks” claptrap. What you state if vapid fluff. If you believe it’s obvious, you my freind, are the delusional one.

    BTW: I’ve never complained about anyone being “after me” but I’ve noticed that you’ve made that charge when others have called you out to question your vapid,self-righteous establishment brass polishing efforts.

    No Travis, your life doesn’t depend on a few elections, it requires payment for election support and that in turn leads you to be what you are, simply an establishent gofer!

    I’m not being compulsive at all. I just happen to be observant and I’ve noticed that you steer away from the substance of an opponent’s arguments and zone in on his or her supposed lack of decorum.

    Sorry guy, but that’s a sure indicator of someone whose intellect cannot reach the boundaries of his ego.

    In any event, I’m still waiting for you to discuss any issue in a substantive manner on any thread offered by this blog!

  19. Nope. I’m happy with my comments. You can just keep waiting. I’ll decide what I address, how I address it and to whom. You just don’t like it – and I don’t care.

    By the way, you shouldn’t drink and post. Your sentence structure and spelling suffer.

  20. Stephen Kohut says


    Since you seem to have gone to the Klute school of failed modern education, I’ll repeat the lesson in federal tax rates under Reagan.

    Were taxes cut in some bills, yes. Were taxes raised in some bills, yes. This is not a game of was there a bill Reagan signed that raised taxes. While true, it is meaningless. What is key is the total net effect on fed tax rate and not what an individual bill did.

    Total Effective Fed Tax Rate from CBO on All Households

    1979 22.2 Carter
    1980 22.4 Carter
    1981 20.7 Reagan
    1982 20.4 Reagan
    1983 21.0 Reagan
    1984 20.9 Reagan
    1985 20.9 Reagan
    1986 21.6 Reagan
    1987 21.8 Reagan
    1988 21.5 Reagan

    Effective Fed tax rate under Reagan went down per the CBO. The recovery was driven by the sustained lower tax rates in years 1981 through 1985. In these 6 years the average effective tax rate was reduced by 7.3% from the 1980 Carter rate, we had the greatest post WW II economic growth in our history and revenue to the Treasury increased. Sorry if you don’t like facts and economic truth but that how it is.

    You’re like the guy who wants to point out the three dandylions in an otherwise great yard. Technically correct but effectively meaningless.

    I love liberals that can’t do math. Must be their social promotion driven education or intelleectual dishonesty. I suspect its both so here’s a intellectually honest 6th grade math lesson to go with the one in economics.

    Carter’s 1980 rate was 22.4%. Reagans 81~85 rate was 20.8%. That is a 7.3% cut in the effective tax rate. (22.4-20.8)/22.4 = 7.3%

    Carters 1980 rate was 22.4%. Reagans 88 rate was 21.5%. That is a 4% cut in the effective tax rate. (22.4-21.5)/22.4 = 4%

    If you need more help I’ll have my granddaughter explain the math.

  21. Stephen Kohut says

    Travis #16,

    Reagan started as a Democrat and was president of a union, The Screen Actors Guild. There is redemption following error even some as gross as those.

    I disagreed with the 1986 amnesty and still do. As Ronnie put it, anyone who agrees with me 80% of the time is my friend. I agreed with RR in many but not all things. You, however, don’t come anywhere near the 80% mark.

  22. nightcrawler says

    SK..Why don’t you answer my question ?

    Why don’t you enlighten us as to your internet PC project, how exactly does it work ?

    How is it that you are not an elected PC and showed up at the State Convention. Are you a State Committeeman ?

    Most State Committeeman and District Officer elections occur in November of an even number year following the general election. PCs are appointed in the following January and thereafter. So appointed PCs are generally not State Committeeman due to timing. Do tell..

  23. Stephen Kohut says


    Regarding the last primary, my preferred choice was no longer actively in the race at the time of the AZ primary.

    As far the as precinct committeeman project, it’s not mine. It is a national activity occuring throughout the country. I am one of many conservatives working on it in AZ. It’s on all the major conservative sites. It’s been blogged about everywhere. It’s been written about in both the LA and NY Times. Seek and ye shall find.

    How did I show up at the state convention? Well, if you know how that affair works as well as all the applicable bylaws you should be able to answer that one. It isn’t difficult and it afforded me the best seat in the house.

  24. SK – What exactly do we disagree on besides McCain? I can’t wait to hear.

  25. Stephen Kohut says


    Where do you fall pro/con on:
    Jeff Flake
    Cap and Tax
    Jan Brewer
    Joe Arpaio
    1% Sales Tax Hike
    SB1070/HB2632 sanctuary cities/immigration
    HB2382 – Reporting on illegal alien children in Arizona Schools
    HB2347/SB1102 – Revisions to CCW
    SB1264 – Fiscal transparency

    Make your picks and we’ll see.

  26. nightcrawler says

    Let me translate to all the non-Engineers out there..

    1) I don’t want to say because I am ashamed to do so, lest I be judged accordingly.

    2) Again, I am afraid to be transparent, but trust me, it will work, the internet says so.

    3) I snuck in the backdoor through procedural convenience. I was not elected by my peers and therefore represent no one but myself. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn.

  27. SK – You answered my question with a list of questions. I simply asked you what we disagreed on besides McCain. If you don’t know, just say that.

  28. Stephen Kohut says


    I’m not a mindreader to know where you stand on a broad cut of people/issues. Unless you provide some indication then there is no way to do a comparison to see where we agree/disagree. Looks like you aren’t interested in taking a simple poll to see but are only interested in an argument. Oh well.

  29. Stephen Kohut says


    You surmised three possible answers. All three were condescending and incorrect. As far as how I got to the meeting, I drove, walked in the door and sat down. It’s simple. It’s called the guest section. Front row, center balcony. Great view. It’s open to ALL PC’s and gives the opportunity to see the political sausage being ground.

  30. nightcrawler says

    Now we are talking..I knew that was the case (had to be) I just wanted to see if you would admit it. If you are going to pound your chest and talk smack you better be able to back it up, not only with random statistics but also with inside baseball political street cred, which is earned not appointed. You clearly need to work on the latter, since anyone who has been around the AZ GOP for awhile can smell a poser.

    What is true in Pinal County may or may not be true in Maricopa County.

    By the way, the RINOs (who is condescending ?) out there are thankful for your early warning alarm siren. It is like a burglar stating the exact date and time of his break-in to the victim.

  31. Stephen Kohut says


    If you knew that had to be the case no one could tell it from your erroneous postings now could they? If you can’t figure something that simple out what else have you missed?

    If it’s taken the RINO’s this long to figure out the PC project they are way behind and in a world of hurt. It’s a numbers game. We can count and have the count. Maricopa is done come the primary and the elections late this year. Yavapai is the same. Then again, if you were on the inside the numbers would be obvious, wouldn’t they?

  32. SK – You call me a RINO, but you don’t know where I stand on the issues other than McCain.

    You told us your real name, but the rest of the stuff you make up. No one can respect that.

    You want to congratulate yourself on your knowledge, but your judgement is lacking.

  33. Stephen Kohut says


    I asked you where you stood on a short list. You opted out and then complain that I don’t know where you stand on issues. Well then, enlighten me.

    While I’m waiting to be enlighted on your positions you can come out of hiding from behind “travis”. Regarding your claim of “those of us who have been elected PCs for years”, without knowning who you are it’s nothing but a few key strokes by an unknown in a blog and worth exactly that.

  34. I will remain only Travis for reasons stated previously and proof galore of the vindictive nature of some of the posters on this blog. I don’t have to prove that some folks on here have tried to dig around to find who I am, they have said it themselves on this blog.

    I do not need to be vetted by anyone to make comments on this blog or to prove that I am what I say I am. Any assertions that I make are of a simple and obvious nature. I don’t see a great need to bat back and forth on statistics and polls. Or do a “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” I am an observer with good instincts. I’m comfortable with that.

    At such time that I make sweeping announcements of others’ demise and my powerful role in it, I shall entertain requests to reveal who I am. Until then, I will make my observations, and not let irrational bullies go unanswered. But at post #34 and off the topic for sometime on straw polls, I’m done on this on this thread.

  35. Stephen Kohut says


    And in the future I’ll give your posts the attention they deserve, none.

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