Giffords should resign to run!

In preparation for her upcoming campaign for Congress we call on House member Gabrielle Giffords to resign. It is patently unfair for her to claim that she can continue representing Southern Arizona while busily using House franking privileges to send out slick marketing pieces, attend Emily’s List events, and suck up to corporate PAC interests in her quest for ever more money. We have put together an official statement:

We’ve now learned that Gabrielle Giffords is holding posh campaign fundraisers to cozy-up to special interests, while still maintaining the farce that she is not using her House position as a tool to raise money for her congressional run. At this point, the only thing Gabrielle Giffords campaign committee is considering is how she can best leverage special interests for herself instead serving the people of Southern Arizona.

Her behavior is shameless and we look forward to Mary Jo Pitzl comments on our coverage of this scandal.


  1. Please.

    I will spare you the long list of every other member of Congress practicing the same MO.

    I remember plenty of mailings from Kolbe and other incumbents. Are you truly willing to suggest she is doing something that deviates from well established practice by both parties for the past several years?

    Are you suggesting all GOP candidates also resign to run? Last I checked, everyone running for President is currently holding office. You have a problem with that?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    I do not have a problem with them being in office while running but I am getting sick of hearing the Democrats whine about Tim Bee staying in office while Giffords also stays in office.

    The Democrats should either file a case and find a judge who agrees with them or stuff a sock in it because it is just partisan dribble. I think as an Independent you would also be sick of it. Gabrielle is using her current position as much or more than Bee to raise money so the Dems are nothing but hypocrites.

    Yes, I have received franked mail before but never have I seen it contain so little content and so many splashy photos and graphics.

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