Giffords Following the DNC Memo – Avoid the Peasants!

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords bailed on an anticipated appearance in downtown Tucson last night. Giffords had commited to sponsorship of Cinema La Placita movie week but avoided the event upon learning that conservative community organizers were also planning to attend.

Hat tip to Gila Courier/Arizona 8th for the video clip!


  1. kralmajales says

    Given that it is clear that the Tea Party just wishes to shout down and disrupt events, do you blame them? I looked at the video being peddled about the Florida shout downs and was reminded, again, just how radical your Fox New, Jon Justice, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs spurred events actually are. That they are sponsored and coordinated by the very corporate interests that want the healthcare plans, and our President, to fail the most is also not a surprise.

    This “movement” is an arm of Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity. Its time we start fighting it off as it is suceeding in not allowing good Americans to show up and ask questions and learn about the Congresswoman’s positions.

  2. Trapper John says

    Right, and Union Thugs and ACORN sent in to disrupt events are okay. I love the liberal hypocrisy. Any of the groups that you cited Kral are not paying people to show up, they are just getting the word out about the events. People who show up are concerned citizens who want their voices to be heard. The White House and the Dems on the other hand, well, they have paid unions folks and paid ACORN folks showing up. One side is the grassroots and the voice of America, the other side is being bought and sold by leftist interests.

  3. kralmajales says

    There is absolutely no grass roots to your movement, Trapper. And I don’t see any evidence of paid thugs from ACORN or anyone else. Sounds like people don’t like that fact that groups like yours (assuming that you are in the Tea Party) are keeping them from communicating with their representatives.

    And I showed up at the hastily put together counter protest of the Tea Party at Giffords office. There were not paid astroturf there…just people that suppor their representative, who actually know them, and who have been helped by them.

  4. kralmajales says

    “Any of the groups that you cited Kral are not paying people to show up, they are just getting the word out about the events.”

    This is untrue and has proven to be untrue all over the nation. The groups I mentioned are providing the infrastructure, have created the network, shared talking points, and have essentially lied to good people. Some even claim that it is a bipartisan, spontaneous group, which is laughable. Some even say its not conservative…which should offend you.

  5. Tucson Vice says

    As slanted as that piece in the star was, it didn’t say anything about her not attending after finding out that your extremists would be there. In fact, it explained that she wasn’t scheduled for the event.

    Your tabloid gets it wrong again.

  6. Jesse Kelly is going to crush her if this keeps up.

  7. Is organized thuggery the best you people can do?

    Just like the Brooks Brothers riot in 2000.

    The conservative movement should be very proud of itself. You’ve managed to reach a point in 200 days that the liberal movement was never able to reach in 2920.

    And all it took was for you all to sell out all your principles, vote a man into office for the sake of pissing off liberals (because an almost as dirty word as Obama is now Bush, isn’t it)*, and get shocked when America sticks you with the check at the election.


    What’s next?

    * – You conservatives – be proud of your voting for Bush, especially in 2000. You sold your souls because you thought you could have a beer with the man, passing over better men and better conservatives. Wear that accomplishment with pride.

  8. Tucson Vice says


    Kelly is going to crush her if she continues not showing up to events that she was not scheduled for? Got it.

    Jesse Kelly doesn’t have a shot in hell at winning. You remind me of the extremists on this blog last October, who insisted that McCain was going to win, despite the writing on the wall.


    You guys aren’t even putting up a credible candidate this time. Tim Bee lost. You think some construction worker with no experience of any kind in politics and no name rec is going to beat Gabrielle Giffords?

  9. kralmajales says

    “Jesse Kelly is going to crush her if this keeps up.”

    This is the most hilarious statement I have heard in years. Folks, I implore you to donate as much of your hard earned cash as you can to his campaign.

    He has absolutely….no….chance.

    Tim Bee was CRUSHED by 12%!!!!!!!

  10. Kelly will win for 3 reasons. He’s tall and good looking. He’s an unapologetic conservative. And Obama is such a disaster that any palatable candidate that’s not a dem will win. 8 is a republican district.

  11. kralmajales says

    Obama is pulling this economy out of the crapper folks…happening now…it will take longer to get it right…but it is happening now…DESPITE the fact that this is a Republican controlled state.

    Jesse can be model Linda…he aint gonna come close to winning.

    Tim Bee was the best you had to offer and she killed him.

  12. Tucson Vice says


    Your best hope (bee) was also an unapologetic conservative running in CD 8. He got smoked. It was laughable.

    If 8 is republican, they sure as hell have a funny way of showing it.

    Unapologetic conservatives are not exactly popular right now. I don’t know what on earth makes you think that this is a selling point for voters.

    But by all means, please, PLEASE donate your time and money to this guy. I personally would love to see as much time and money wasted on him as possible.

  13. Rep. Jeff Flake (CD-6) is having a Congressional Q&A Monday, August 10 at 6:00 P.M.

    Chandler Heights Community Room
    4040 E. Chandler Heights Road
    NE corner of Lindsey & Chandler Heights Road

    RSVP to Mr. & Mrs. Mow at

    This event is not posted on Flake’s Congressional Website.
    Info is only being given to those who call his office and ask about it.

  14. Nothing on this website actually talks about individual aspect of competing proposals.

    This is just a lot of stupid, childish politics by people on “both” sides who probably can’t understand the complex issues at hand.

    If this is the level of reasoned discourse among average citizens, well then, we have worse problems than health care.

    Sad. Because there are real problems with our current health care system.

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