Gifford’s Voting Record Will Hurt Her in the 2010 Election

Gabrielle Giffords voted for approval of the $787 billion stimulus bill without reading it beforehand. The consequence of this omission is Giffords could not have known that the stimulus bill was back-loaded for 2010 and beyond. Only 30% of the stimulus bill was spent during 2009, the year we needed to see at least 70% of it spent.

 Giffords also voted for the so-called “cap and trade” bill, also without reading it or the related amendment. In her letter to constituents, Giffords proudly claimed that the bill will actually reduce the average household utility bill by seven percent.

 Energy rates are projected to increase by 90%. Even President Obama admits that energy prices will “skyrocket” under “cap and trade.” On average, the cost for electricity for my residence is about $200 per month for electricity.  Under ACES, the acronym for the “cap and trade” bill, my monthly rate will increase to $380. Gifford claimed that rates will decrease by 7% by 2020. 

 Although the rate will be much higher than $380 per month in 2020, let’s use $380 as our example. A 7% decrease in 2020 translates to a monthly rate of $353.40 or a 77% increase over today’s rate. I don’t know what kind of math Gifford used but it does not add up. There is no 7% decrease, only a 77% increase. Experts agree that rates for electricity, gas, and natural gas will almost double across the board under this bill. ACES is a massive tax increase on the American people and Giffords has participated in one of the largest hoaxes in this nation’s history.

 In the July 16, 2009, edition of Arizona Capitol Times, Giffords was interviewed. In the interview she claimed that 50 million people did not have access to health care and another 20 million are underinsured. The numbers are estimates not facts. Further Giffords claim that 50 million people do not have access to health care is palpably false.  What these people do not have is health care insurance but they do have access to health care.

 Additionally, Giffords has followed Nancy Pelosi’s orders on not only the stimulus and “cap and trade” bills but also the so-called S-CHIP $33 billion expansion of government health care, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (a sop to trial lawyers), the Stupak antiabortion amendment compromise to the health care bill, the Affordable Health Care for America Act adding $2 trillion to the deficit, the Medicare Physician Payment Reform adding more than $200 billion to the deficit, and the Permanent Estate Tax Act increasing inheritance taxes to 45% on estates larger than $3.5 million.

 In one of Giffords’ emails to her constituents, she wrote:

 “I always appreciate hearing from constituents, like you, who are informed and interested in the important issues affecting Arizona and the nation.  My job as your representative is to help you connect with federal agencies, access services and get your questions answered thoroughly.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if you require assistance.”

 Giffords failed to mention that her most important responsibility is to represent her constituents. Gabrielle Giffords is not a Blue Dog. She’s Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog. So far, it appears that she has been doing Nancy Pelosi’s business rather than the people’s business: not a very good track record to run on in the next election.


  1. Last post, it was “GABBY GIFFORDS SHOULD RESIGN!!!!!”, now it’s all like “She’ll be voted out.”


  2. I agree….Her record will bring about her defeat. I for one am excited about voting for Jesse Kelly this November. It is clearly time to move away from the career politicians regardless of party and start electing candidates who come from we the people.

  3. I agree Jesse Kelly is the ‘guy’. Arizonans have got to quit voting for a candidate only because ‘it’ is a ‘she’.

  4. Gabby is Pelosi’s puppet.

    She’s toast come November.

  5. Motivated Voter says

    LOL – Jesse Kelly? The candidate denouncing federal stimulus dollars whose campaign is financed in part by his family company rolling in federal stimulus dollars?

    Uh – no.

    Next candidate, please.

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