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Blogsite The Real Kevin Gibbons just issued the following press release linking local restaurant owners, Mac Magruder and Kevin Levecke to Gibbons campaign donations:

For Immediate Release: August 22, 2008

Franchisers spend $33,780 attacking Russell Pearce and his Employer Sanctions Law
“Mesa Deserves Better” and “Stop Illegal Hiring” Bankroll Campaign for Cheap Labor
MESA -When it comes to attacking Russell Pearce and his employer sanctions law, fast food franchise owners Jason Levecke and Mac Magruder have taken a three pronged approach:  fund Pearce’s opponent, subsidize a misleading personal attack campaign, and finance an initiative to weaken laws.

In all, the proponents of punishing Pearce and gut his employer sanctions law have directly spent $33,780.  Here is their latest spending:

Magruder Family
$780 to Kevin Gibbons, Pearce’s opponent
$10,000 to Mesa Deserves Better
$9,500 directly to Stop Illegal Hiring

Levecke Family
$4,000 to Mesa Deserves Better
$9,500 directly to Stop Illegal Hiring

“Now that the curtain has been pulled back, it’s clear that these fast food franchisers are only looking to line their pockets.  I think it’s disturbing that they are spending so much money to attack me,” said Rep. Pearce.

According to campaign finance reports, Magruder and Levecke’s personal donations make up nearly half of the funds given to “Mesa Deserves Better,” the controversial group targeting Pearce with misleading personal attacks.  Affiliates of their “Stop Illegal Hiring” campaign donated the remaining funds, along with giving an additional $1,860 in donations to Kevin Gibbons.

Their ill-fated “Mesa Deserves Better” personal attack campaign on Russell Pearce and his family has been decried by hundreds of supporters, the East Valley Tribune, the Arizona Republic, and even Governor Janet Napolitano.

Russell Pearce is being challenged for the Arizona State Senate by immigration attorney Kevin Gibbons, who has outspent Pearce through donations from special interest groups. Democrats, and proponents of weakening the employer sanctions laws.

“The ultimate goal of this group is to roll back immigration policies and weaken Arizona’s Employer sanctions laws by any means necessary,” said Pearce. “Their proposed law eliminates required use of E-Verify and its 99.7% accuracy rate in favor of the Federal I-9 process, which is prone to more fraud.  They want to gut the law and make sure I am not around to do anything about it.” 

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  1. got ready? says

    Check out for some entertaining news.

  2. Once again, Pearce flip/flops and refuses to tell the truth concerning his relationship with Ready that lasted several years.

    Pearce also says he has never associated with such groups. He is lieing. He has supported and asked for support from United for a Sovereign America. They have had more then one neo-Nazi in the group and were kicked out of The VFW, Post 9400 as a meeting place for that very reason. That just happened this spring but it has not stopped Pearce from keeping close and very public ties with the group. I know because I was instrumental in having them removed for their involvement with neo-Nazis. I recieved death threats and harrasment at my residence from their members for it.received death threats and harassment at my residence from their members for it. I saved the recordings. Those that know me know I am not making money in this and care only about a better America.
    If the VFW can do the right thing-Why cant the republican party?

    On Pearce’s own website-he has Chris Simcox-founder of the Minuteman project listed as a campaign committee member. Simcox is being accused of embezzling almost one million dollars from former members to build “the Fence.” Its laughable to read Pearces letter saying he would never associate with these groups. He was seen with them last week! Knocking door to door! In Mesa..He invited them there!

    In case anybody cares-I do not work for Sproul, and I get paid by no one. This video has plenty of info in it. Pearce and the GOP either had to know about JT Ready before Pearce chummed and applauded him at the State Capitol hate-fest back in the spring of 07.

    There was a public State Legislative hearing 3 months before the event where Ready was exposed by the ADL. 3 months later on our State Capitol-Pearce cheers him, hung out all day together.

    More is on the way and it’s not coming from Sproul. Wake up Republicans. If Pearce gets the nomination, you will have nothing but investigations and scandal ahead of you. It doesn’t stop with Pearces letter which is typical Pearce spin and very late.

    Pearce has said so many differant things about Ready since 3 months after he was exposed as a neo-Nazi that he takes the Flip-flop of the year award. But I promise the GOP that your problem is not Ready, its Pearce. You didn’t listen to all the coverage then, I suggest you take a look because you’ve got more problems then the New Times now.

    My video’s exposing Pearce have been viewed by 5 times the numbers Sprouls have and almost all the viewer demographics show they are comming from Az-probably Mesa.

    Pearce thinks he is above the rule of law and free press. As a public figure that we pay for, he owes us a better explanation then he is giving.

    More will be revealed. Stay tuned.

  3. If you want a real laugh. Take a look where Pearce got money (he still hasn’t returned) when he made his pitiful attempt at running against Flake.

    Why is it that Neo-Cons are so afraid of the truth?

  4. get a clue says

    Get over it. You guys are going to bemoan a crazy man like JT Ready but not say anything about a bunch of rich guys waging a personal attack. PLEASE!

  5. Good try at the misdirection play.

    Look at the results! Every time one of Rep. Pearce’s ideas makes it to the ballot it is passed by 75% of the voters!

    The vast majority of Arizona voters are with you Rep. Pearce. We have to put up with the sniping from unloyal Americans every day for 1 year and 364 days. But on that one day every two years, you get to hear from your supporters and you can see we back you by the millions.

    LD-18 will be here for you again this Sept. 2nd. You can count on it. Because we can count on you.

  6. Allan.
    There wont be any Pearce initatives passing anymore. Its over-deal with it. More people are waking up to the damage he has done to this state. His racist ties do not began or end with JT Ready.

    In fact, Pearce recently pulled Buffalo Rick Galeener’s name off his list of endorcements. Did he think we wouldn’t notice? Rick is one of the biggest racists in Az and also a leader of groups Pearce has been begginng for support as recent as last week to go “Door to Door” in Mesa. I, personally , would call the police if Rick or his group knocked on my door.

  7. The kind of hateful language which has become the rallying cry of Pearce and those leading the MCRC where they demonize illegals has been used before. It was once used in Missouri by Lilburn Boggs when he issued his extermination order to get rid of the Mormons.
    “open and avowed defiance of the laws, and of having made war upon the people of this State … the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace—their outrages are beyond all description.” Lilbury Boggs Missouri Executive Order 44.
    How soon they forget.

  8. I am qouting this from the Az Republic:

    “Ready ran for the Mesa City Council, winning an endorsement from Pearce.

    During that campaign, in which he openly sought support from the Hells Angels, Ready was found to have made several inaccurate statements in his biographical material.”


    You all still beleive Pearce when he says” The most radical groups I have ever been associated with are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police, and I confess I still associate with both of them.”

    I dont.
    Neither does the majority of voters. If you vote for him he will bring even more shame to your party. Time for the local GOP to stop blaming and start owning up. Or you could just hire the Angels to rig the election. Your chioce.

  9. Mr. Gilman,

    Not suprised that you seem to consider the Boys Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police to be right wing hate groups.

    Let me see, you probably consider NAMBLA, NARAL, HCBH, to be your kind of “reasonable” groups.

    Think that says a lot about your perspective.

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