Independent Expenditure Attack Ad on Russell Pearce

This ad was actually paid for as an independent expenditure by the “People of Arizona” with major funding provided by “Protect Arizona’s Future.” What threw us off is that someone from the Gibbons campaign sent it to Sonoran Alliance.

OK, so we scratched a little deeper on who these Independent Expenditure committees are and here is the  summary info on each of these PAC’s as listed on the Secretary of State’s website.

Protect Arizonas Future – 200602789
The People of AZ – 200810228

According to contact information in the reports, Tim Hill, a member of the Phoenix Fire Fighters, is listed as the Chairman with Bill Whitaker and Roger Wright as the Treasurers, respectively. They also use the same address listed at 61 E. Columbus Avenue in Phoenix.

According to The Arizona Capitol Times , look for two other Independent Expenditure Committees to be involved in the attempt to ouster Russell Pearce. They are listed as:

Judgement Matters – 200810212
Mesa Deserves Better – 200810219


  1. Embarrassed Republican says

    That is money well spent. Russell Pearce is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

  2. Embarrased,

    Since Russell Pearce has acted in accordance with the tenets in the Republican Platform, 90% of the registered republicans, and the unanimous resolution of both the Maricopa County and Arizona State Party members at their annual meetings, if you are really embarrassed, maybe you should exercise the option prescribed by Ronald Reagan.

    We will let you go your way with no regrets.

  3. The guy (Gibbons) doesn’t belong in the Senate and doesn’t even belong in Mesa. He was picked by open-border advocates and lefty Democrats who didn’t take the time to even ask him if he voted in any of his hometown elections. In 18, it’s unacceptable to be sitting on the bench as Gibbons has.

  4. Dudes, watch the ad. It wasn’t paid for by Gibbons. PAF is a Napolitano front group that’s trying to elect RINOs in every district where they can’t elect Democrats. They’re trying to beat Harper in LD4 and I think Seel in LD6, and that’s just for starters.

  5. Embarrassed Republican says

    Do the tenets of the Republican platform, 90% of registered Republicans, and the Maricopa County and Arizona Republican Party unanimously support hanging out with Nazis and hitting your wife? What would Reagan think about that?

  6. Embarrassed,

    Your mother should wash out your mouth with soap – again. Whenever you can’t argue on the issues, do you always go into personal attacks? I’ll bet your family loves how you debate situations around the home.

    Actually the sites used in the PAF ad always said that they were embarrassed by President Reagan. Russell Pearce should be proud that people like you and the media here want people to be embarrassed by the fact that he is standing up for his fellow citizens.

    Thanks for the endorsement!

  7. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms “Embarrassed Republican”

    Just what has Rep Pearce done to “embarrass” you?

    Please be specific!

  8. Rep. Pearce’s opponent has no problem dragging my Republican logo through the MUD. Gibbon’s and his reconquista friends, magrubby and La Vyuck think it’s perfectly fine to take the Republican logo we all pay for and use it in any manner they please. Hey Slimy immigration advocate—Take my logo off your slime-ball advertisements! Where is permission from my Republican Party for flakey brother-in-law to use OUR logo to impugn the good government institution also known as Rep. Russell Pearce. Get your slimy hands off our logo when you are using it to impugn an Arizona hero!

    What is the Pearce opponent’s penalty for unrestricted access to, and use of, our property-our logo?

  9. Well Tom,

    Speaking for myself, I’m embarrased that Russell Pearce found himself in enough agreement with white-supremacist literature to send it out his constituency, and cozying up to J.T. Ready.

    And before you say: “Oh well, he apologized, and that was a long time ago”, let me say as the son of a Holocaust survivor: THIS DOES NOT FLY.

  10. Klute

    Do not hold people responsible for being an acquaintance who is a slug, but no one knows what the deviant slug is doing on his own time. I also met Ready when he was running for office some years ago and had no idea he was this warped.

    I also know Russell Pearce and know that he does not support or even tolerate such vile activities. I can almost guarantee you did not hate Ready before you saw the pictures of him with those goons.

    Hate Ready and the people who advocate holacaust style abhorrent actions, but taking your anger and pain to this level against someone who did not know his stuff does you more damage than you deserve.

  11. The real problem here is illegal immigration and the fact that the governor and her allies are jumping into our Primary because she is comfortable that the pro illegal immigration lawyer will support her and her party on this issue. We do not need anymore RINO’s who plan their strategy with the ninth floor instead of our elected Republican leadership.

  12. Mole S. Thur says

    Folks, Pearce has openly trashed three of Arizona’s top Republicans. One may become the POTUS. And you say he’s not bad for the party?

  13. JT Rotten says

    Pearce Supporters (read Co-Dependents),
    JT and Russell took those pictures at a rally sponsored by the White Knights of America. Don’t claim ignorance, unless you claim to be ignorant.

  14. John Q.,

    Russell Pearce has not acknowledged who he recieved the e-mail from. He’s been asked point blank if the e-mail came from JT Ready by Stephen Lemons of the New Times. He did answer.

    One year later, JT Ready and Russell Pearce are photographed together at a Nativist rally in Phoenix (picture here:

    Am I expected to know if JT Ready is a Neo-Nazi thug? No. Is Russell Pearce expected to know if his friend is Neo-Nazi thug? Yeah, kinda.

    Here’s what Russell could do to assuage my concerns:

    1. Identify who, specially, sent him the e-mail. Was it from a consitutent? JT Ready? Was (is?) he on the National Vanguard mailing list?

    2. Denounce, loudly, publicly, and without equivocation (none of this “Oh, well, I didn’t read the rest of it BS) anyone who has or has had ties to white supremacist or Neo-Nazi organizations and say that he will cut ties with any organization who has them on their payroll or who allows them to speak at their rallies.

    Am I standing in judgement of the man? Kinda. But appearing with neo-Nazi is like appearing with a member of Al-Quida – it’s sickening and un-American.

  15. Klute, I agree. As a constituent, I need answers to a couple of issues.
    1. Anti-Semitic association – Is Russell a closet anti semite bigot?
    2. Wife Beating – Did Russell beat his wife?
    Remember, denials of the 2 above don’t make them untrue.

  16. TomBuggerslittleboys says

    Im holehartedly behin Mr. Pearce and his war aginst wetbacks.

  17. Shame on you! says

    Shame on the open borders people and friends of Janet trying to smear Russell Pearce. Gibbons and his cronies are probably wasting their time trying to anonymously slam Pearce in a comment section because they are sick of being rejected by real life voters. This must be cathartic for them.

  18. Ah, I see.

    The right’s all up in arms when a Democratic candidate has associations with someone who is associated with an anti-Semite, but when there’s photographic evidence that a one of your own is directly associated with an actual Nazi, then it’s a “smear”.

    I stand by my concerns.

  19. Dig N. Tea says

    LuAnne deserves some dignity. Apologize Russell. Your repeated denials are beginning to look like a cover up. An abusive husband’s first step to recovery is a forthright admission. Good luck.

  20. Catharsis is beating the crap out of your wife, getting away with it and running for ofice with nobody caring.

  21. I don’t believe “no one cares”, quite the contrary. There are many R’s, conservative R’s that are not fond of Pearce. With that said, as ugly as the old history of spousal abuse is there must be some place for personal growth, remorse, and recovery for everyone, regardless of political persuasion or office. We are people first.

    We do not need to go back 35 years to find reasons to consider a change in representation.

  22. got record? says

    Not quite sure what you meant.
    We’re not even sure the abuse has stopped. Lu Ann may still be in trouble. Covering up for her man is a red flag. If she were Mexican it may have been worse.

  23. What I meant to say was this; there is no doubt something bad was going on in the Pearce home years ago. There is no evidence that it has continued and there must be a place for grace among us. We must be willing to offer grace if we hope to receive it ourselves. None of us knows what goes on in the privacy of our homes and to assume anything other than the obvious is unfair.

    I know my life is not without spot, wrinkle, or blemish and my early adult years were not the most proud moments I have to share. I’m sure I am not alone in thinking that if my past, 20 or more years ago, would be brought up to public inspection now….after years have gone by…that it would be enough to keep very good and capable people out of politics for ever.

    The rest of my point is this; there is sufficient reasons to want a replacement for Pearce as it is, we do not need to drudge up the past. His recent history is quite sufficient to do the job.

  24. renterjoed says

    Those of you trashing Pearce about the picture and claim of abuse. I think you need to get some facts straight. Russell didn’t have the picture taken, JT did after following Pearce around like a puppy dog all day.

    Second I’ve know Russell for almost 10 years now. I’ve been in their home, I’ve been to family parties, I’ve even stopped in unanounced. I have never seen what is report in the court documents. In fact most every Fri. is their day out on the town.

    All of you who want to cast stones beware. As the Holy Book says “He who is worth sin let him cast the first stone.” Unless we are God we all have sins.

  25. Mesa Memory says

    Russell Pearce endorsed JT Ready when he ran for Mesa City Council in 2006. I don’t think Russell would endorse a person he did not know well. JT Ready is not just a casual acquaintance to Pearce. They are political allies.

  26. I have known J.T. Ready for several years now, and only recently learned of his neo-nazi sympathies. I find it entirely plausible that Rep. Pearce was unaware of J.T.’s white supremacy ideals. As soon as J.T.’s true colors were known, Mr. Pearce distanced himself and repudiated their association. Rep. Pearce has thousands of constituents – he doesn’t have time to look into the private lives and opinions of each one to make sure that his association with them doesn’t damage him politically. Is this an embarrassment for Rep. Pearce? Absolutely, but he has taken steps to correct it. Get over it!

  27. E. Victed says

    renterjoed – The thing about violent spouses is that they hide it so well. Do you think he’d beat up Louane in front of you?
    The Good Book also says, ‘Beware of wolves dressed sheep’s clothing.’ Especially when disguised in patriotic regalia…
    As for the JT Ready association, the Good Book says, ‘Tell me who is at your side and I shall tell you who you are.’

  28. MEANWHILE, a group of amnesty-embracing, employer-sanction-hating businessmen and fire union organizers are raising and spending money to tear down a border-protecting patriot so they can elect an illegal alien lawyer so they can have more cheap labor and we can have more crime and strain on our public services.

  29. Buddy Breon says

    I am embarrassed.

    To think that the Sonoran Alliance would let contemptible comments like those against Russell Pearce on this blog embarrasses me.

    Libel is difficult to defend against. Those that support illegal immigrants for their own personal gain (higher profits) will stop at nothing to win their points. This garbage is just that. It should all be deleted.

  30. Common sense says

    Russell Pearce sits on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. He didn’t do his homework. I watched the AZCapitol proceedings. Pearce complained about Napolitano pulling Arpaio’s funding and then talked during Pete Rio’s comments thinking that would be an effective political maneuver. Bottom line: Pearce did not do his job. The state has Napolitano’s budget approved because Pearce is a one-horse nag, the “immigration” issue, that he has sat on in order to get elected and stay elected. He should have been working on the state budget, which was HIS responsibility, and he blew it. The undereducated of Mesa will continue to remain enamored of one of the most uncivil and uncouth legislators in the history of Arizona. P.S. Back in the election campaign when Basha was running for governor, Pearce’s wife and son were yanking Basha signs out of neighbors yards. Pearce believes that “legal is legal” except when it comes to him and his…then it is “political”. He also believes in less government, but he goes out buys two trucks with Alternative Fuel tax money and now he is running on “Clean Elections” which is also taxpayer’s money. He is one big hypocrite.

  31. Abe Lincoln says

    Buddy Breon obviously has a problem with free, civil discourse, especially when it contradicts his point of view.

    I commend the Sonoran Alliance for allowing this discussion. It’s a discussion local Republicans need to have.

    Ready and Pearce have had significant ties in the past, even after Ready’s espousal of white supremacy was revealed.

    The picture of Ready and Pearce together was taken at a June, ’07 rally at the Capitol. Ready had been outed earlier that year by the Anti-Defamation League for having attended a neo-Nazi event in the winter of ’06 called Winterfest. He also had (and still has)a page on (now, which is a sort of a MySpace for neo-Nazis and Kluxers.

    At that rally, JT Ready spoke, as did Pearce. Ready spoke of the using the U.S. Marines to close off all borders east, west, north and south and mopping up any resistance. It sounded like a blueprint for American fascism. Ready himself was court martialed twice while in the Marines, and eventually kicked out.

    Pearce and Ready hung out together after the speech. Pearce had heard the speech, and should have known of Ready already being made a paraiah in local politics. Ready’s court-martials and such had long been revealed by the East Valley Trib.

    Ready is currently a Republican Precinct Committeperson in Mesa. Hopefully, he will be outed in the coming election. There is no place in the GOP for his un-American, pro-Nazi views.

    As for Pearce, we cannot turn a blind eye to his ties to Ready, any more than we can turn a blind eye to Pearce’s comments about “Operation Wetback.” Or the neo-Nazi e-mail he forwarded to people in 2006.

    All of this is documented by news reports. You may not like it, but it is there, and people who cast a vote for Pearce are saying that his ties to neo-Nazis and so forth don’t matter. I respectfully disagree.

  32. Ready did not file a petition to become a PC for this next term, so his time as a GOP “Official” ends with the primaries on September 2nd.

  33. renterjoed says

    “Operation Wetback” is the official name of a FEDERAL program! So why not use it. No political correctness here.

  34. Abe Lincoln says

    I’m glad to hear that about JT, Keeper of Banners. It’s past time Ready was shown the door.

    renterjoed, it was a federal program back in the Eisenhower admin. Certainly you would admit that certain language and outright bigotry that was accepted and nourished in the 1950s, is no longer acceptable now?

    Or, maybe you’re all for it…Thankfully, the clock cannot be turned back to days of segregation, institutionalized discrimination, and so on.

    Pearce’s views are a disgrace to the GOP. The Republican Party can appeal to minorities and to the state’s growing Hispanic population, many of whom are culturally conservative. But doing this with men like Pearce on board will be nearly impossible. For the good of the party, Pearce must lose come September.

  35. Maybe we should go back to other old “official” programs like project wetback and…
    Missouri Executive Order 44,[1] also known as the “extermination order” (alt. exterminating order) in Latter Day Saint history, was an executive order issued on October 27, 1838 by Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs. The order was in response to what Boggs termed “open and avowed defiance of the laws, and of having made war upon the people of this State … the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace—their outrages are beyond all description.” The order was formally rescinded in 1976.

  36. real truth says

    Pro wrestling is real. O.J. Simpson is innocent. Bill Clinton did not inhale. Russell Pearce loves all people and has never hit his wife.

  37. Mark Zemel says

    Gibbons’ duty if elected, is to dismantle the Legal Arizona Workers act. His sole purpose in this race is to protect the profits for those exploiting illegal labor. This Primary is all about one issue. Is a sovereign America more important than illegal profits? Our sovereign America candidate is the Arizona champion Russell Pearce. A vote otherwise is a vote for our children to grow up in an America that looks more like Mexico than the great country we grew up in. Almost all Districts are running both a sovereign and proud America candidate AND an illegal profits candidate. Look at the endorsements list, PAChyderm Coalition and Sonoran Alliance. Nobody is fooled by all these pro-Gibbons comments on the blogs. Americans know better. We’re not the fools you take us for. PEARCE FOR REPRESENTATIVE. Flake-Gibbons for the toilet.

  38. Renter Joe says

    I’f it was not for Russell Pearce keeping the immigration problem moving forward nothing would be done. I don’t agree with Pearce on every front about the immigration problem but he is right in keeping it movign forward.

    However I do not trust Gibbons, when he is related to Flake, takes money Democrates, and cheap labor groups and then comes out with signs that they say he will secure the border. And then he supporting the gutting of the empolyer sanction law passed by the citizen’s of Ariozna.

    Flies in the face to me.

  39. Mark Zemel says

    Woops. I said something I didn’t really intend to put my name on. It was a slip of the tounge… PEARCE FOR SENATE!

  40. Mark Zemel says


  41. Gov. Boggs says

    Renter Joe, please read the above entry on the Mormon Extermination Order. Draw parallels. That’s how you learn from the past.

  42. I spoke to LuAnn and Russell about the abuse charge. LuAnn said it never happened, that her lawyer trumped up the charge to make a stronger case. Russell has also cut ties with J.T. more than a year ago. But for those who knows J.T. you know he doesn’t let go easily.
    I trust Russell a lot more than I trust Kevin and I’m related to Kevin.

  43. Mary Jane says

    LuAnn’s notarized signature is on the document in which she swore under oath that Russell was abusive. Either LuAnn is a liar or her lawyer needs to be disbarred and jailed. Will Arpaio investigate this?

  44. When a candidate for office hires a private investigator to dig up dirt in their opponent’s personal life for a smear campaign it is a sure sign that they don’t have enough confidence to make a stand on the issues. Kevin Gibbons has difficulty articulating where he stands on the issuesand aligns himself with deceptive initiative campaigns that use soundbites and misleading titles (Stop Illegal Hiring et al) to promote their agenda. If a campaign can’t come right out and say what it is doing without deception – it is not a campaign I will support.

  45. There seems to be more “survivors” of the hollyweird holohoax these days than all the supposed “victims” we are suposed to weap and weap about to no end. Strange?

    Anyway, for all you losers out there so full of hate and ignorance who keep attacking Russell for things that are totally untrue: No, I did not send him the email exposing the jew menace from within the United States. Period. But I know that if whatever it said was so untrue and so ridiculous, then the jews and their sycophants would not be jumping up and down so hard about it to no end either.

    Perhaps, the zionist supremacists legitimately fear the next pogrom will come so much because they are very afraid that the sheeple will wake up soon and find out exactly WHO has been subversively destroying the West from within all these decades. That’s why there have already been 1000 pogroms throughout all of recorded history so far to date. The same age-old culprits against humanity and everything decent are at it again here. And it sure isn’t the evil old “Nazi” boogeymen the jew media paints as the villains who are destroying America and Europe right now. Hahaha! Now that’s a joke for sure.

    Wake up and smell the kosher crap. It is right under your noses. And it wasn’t put there by the Klan or some “racist” Skinheads either.


    Sonoran Alliance categorically rejects any association with JT Ready. However, we do support his right to exercise his right to free speech by submitting his ludicrous and racist comments here and thus make a fool, idiot and bigot out of himself for all the world to read.

  46. Common sense says

    Study history. Russell Pearce’s legislation has followed the almost exact historical route of legislation and acts put in place by the Third Reich against the Jews. Citizenship issues, employment issues, presence in the nation, language laws, and I’m concerned that if Russell Pearce is re-elected he’ll develop a FINAL SOLUTION. Pearce is not well-read enough to understand that HE is being used by the eugenicist John Tanton and company, and all other white supremacist groups. BTW, Pearce thinks all of the Arizona voters are too stupid to elect their own Senators. He has put forth a bill (HCR2061 to end direct election of US Senators) and a concurrent resolution with the “colorful” Senator Karen Johnson (who wants Arizona to secede from the Union and believes that 9/11 was a U.S. government conspiracy) calling for ending the direct election of United States senators nationwide. That is how much respect Pearce has for the voters. Disenfranchise you…except when it comes to putting unconstitutional propositions in front of your fearful, prejudiced noses.

  47. “Sonoran Alliance categorically rejects any association with JT Ready. However, we do support his right to exercise his right to free speech by submitting his ludicrous and racist comments here and thus make a fool, idiot and bigot out of himself for all the world to read.”

    This is the same type of ignorant, substance-less name calling with no supporting facts or counter arguments we can expect from the very anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal crowd which the Sonoran opposes. Did the Sonoran staff sink this low simply to appease the kosher masters who run the mainstream media? Or is cowardly appeasement and low-brow guilt just standard fare when dealing with the subject of race and politics with you? I certainly do not see these types of disclaimers with any other type of ludicrous statements posted on your site.

    Well, I hope you enjoy the doped-up, dumbed-down, darkened, third-world hell-hole outcome which the zionists have planned to destroy the West from within with. It seems to be working perfectly well thus far in cities and towns all across our once industrious, clean, and civil societies of White European origin.

    Sigh. But if crucifying the evil old Nazi image makes you feel good about it, then fire way. At least I can go to my grave knowing I stood up against the zionist tyranny without feeling guilty about it. Or by living in total denial of who the real culprits are behind the massive non-white invasion of formerly White America. Does Emmanuel Cellar ring a bell, for instance?

    Probably not for you. You are too busy playing the kosher games which your Khazar masters have so craftily laid out for the sheeple to be led to their slaughter by.

    Thanks for the compliment of quasi censorship in the guise of Free Speech here anyway.


  48. This is the nice site! I adore most of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!


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