Gibbons and Court, Linked at the hip?

An astute observer informed Sonoran Alliance that it appears that Legislative District 18¬†candidates, Kevin Gibbons and Steve Court are running as a defacto team. As the photo reveals, Court and Gibbons are linking their signs on the center post. (This is a pretty common practice during “team-ups” in an election.) Another observer pointed out that both candidates only appear in forums together and never alone.

As SA has continued to follow the Senate Race in LD-18 between Kevin Gibbons and Russell Pearce, the underlying issue has been illegal immigration and employer sanctions. With Steve Court appearing to hitch his horse to the same post as Gibbons, this may draw fire from those supporting Pearce.


  1. Just Win Baby says

    Yup, its the same crowd backing both. Maybe that helps Court in a four-way race for two spots?

  2. Court just kissed off all of the Pearce vote. Pretty risky for a newcomer. Court, I’m pretty sure you just resigned from the race, just not formally yet.

  3. This explains why Court didn’t show up at the LD18 Debate.

    Matt, by the way you did and excellent job on the questions. To bad Court and Gibbons didn’t have the brains to show up.

    Court has some of the same donors as Gibbons does for his $5 donations.

  4. White S. Heat says

    I don’t think Steve was ‘courting’ Pearce’s bigot vote. However, he will attract common sense folks.

  5. Candie, when did you get fitted for the tin foil hat? That’s a large leap in logic based on sharing of the center post. I’ve known several campaigns who use someone else’s post without asking for permission–no big deal. Have you ever tried to pound a hundred post signs? Believe me, you look for any shortcuts you can. But if a real quiet you might hear the black helicopters that follow Court everywhere he goes.

  6. MesaFred,

    I am a volunteer who has pounded hundreds of sign posts and I will tell you that you don’t even breathe or look funny at another candidate’s sign for fear of being accused of tampering! I really don’t buy your “shortcut theory” but what I do buy is that these two candidates are working together sharing committee assets as a team.

  7. Dum S. Post says

    Post Pounder, kiss my a**ets. Those posts belong to the fire fighters, not the candidates.

    *Watch the language. This is a family frienly blog.

  8. Mesa Man says

    They must at least tacitly be working together. If a candidate doesn’t agree with the connection, he or she is usually stern with getting the sign removed. If these have been up for any amount of time, there should be considered at least some coordinated effort.

    By the way, I am sick of people’s pictures on signs. Court looks like Ned Beatty.

  9. Well if they belong to the fire fighters, somebody better be reporting the expense on their campaign finance statements!

  10. Steve Court says

    I just recently found this website or I would have responded earlier. Kevin and I are not running as a team. I have personally pounded in every stake that my signs are attached to. The firefighters do not own my stakes. And if you look closely, Kevin is not the only candidate who has piggybacked onto my posts.

  11. Anybody Else? says

    Wow, looks like the easiest way to find out the truth would be to ask the candidate themselves.

    Unless, I guess, you want to try to put down a candidate without looking like you are trying to do so.

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