Getting the message, exposing the truth

The White House today announced administrative actions to further secure the border using laws already on the books.
Finally, they appear to get it.  But, it also exposes the truth of why so much of the rhetoric during the debate on the Senate immigration bill rang hollow.  To wit, you’ll notice many of the items below sound very familiar.  That is because most of them were a part of the Senate bill as the “triggers” that would have to be met before implementing the formalized Z-visa program and the new guest worker program.
So it turns out that we DIDN’T need to pass a new law to enforce the border.  Glad the Administration recognizes that now, unfortunately, it’s almost six years too late.
Announcement excerpted below, for the full announcement, go here.

Office of the Press Secretary
(Kennebunkport, Maine)
For Immediate Release                            August 10, 2007
Improving Border Security and Immigration Within Existing Law
Today, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff And Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez Announced A Series Of Reforms The Administration Will Pursue To Address Border Security And Immigration Challenges.  The following reforms represent steps the Administration can take within the boundaries of existing law to secure our borders more effectively, improve interior and worksite enforcement, streamline existing guest worker programs, improve the current immigration system, and help new immigrants assimilate into American culture.
1.       The Administration Will Continue To Strengthen Security At The Border With Additional Personnel And Infrastructure.  We are committed to implementing the following border security measures by December 31, 2008:
*        18,300 Border Patrol agents
*        370 miles of fencing
*        300 miles of vehicle barriers
*        105 camera and radar towers
*        Three additional UAVs
We will also work to ensure that 1,700 more Border Patrol Agents and an additional UAV are added in 2009.
2.       The Administration Will Maintain The Policy Of “Catch And Return” For Illegal Aliens Apprehended At The Border. 
*      The Administration Will Further Increase Funding For Detention Beds So There Are Places To Detain 31,500 Illegal Aliens Until They Can Be Returned.
3.       The Departments Of State And Homeland Security Will Strengthen Legal Efforts To Keep International Gang Members Out Of The United States. 
4.       The Administration Will Expand Exit Requirements So Persons Who Overstay Limited-Duration Visits To The United States Can Be Identified.  
*      By The End Of 2008, The US-VISIT Exit Requirement Will Be Underway At All U.S. Airports And Seaports.  The Department of Homeland Security will continue to explore effective and cost-efficient means of establishing biometric exit requirements at land border crossings.
5.       The Administration Will Require All Travelers To Our Ports Of Entry To Use Passports Or Other Similar Secure Documents. 
6.       Beginning This Fall, The Secretary Of Homeland Security Will Deliver Regular “State Of The Border” Reports. These reports will keep the American people informed of the Federal Government’s progress in
The release then goes on to outline various efforts on the follwing issues:

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