George Benavides, LD 20 House Candidate, is a RINO

by Anonymous for a Valid and Good Reason

While George Benavides can’t be taken seriously as a candidate for the House in LD 20 because, as a traditionally-financed candidate, he’s raised, according to his June 30 campaign finance report, all of $650 of his own money, the voters should be warned about this sham candidate so that they don’t ignorantly cast votes for him. The fact that Mr. Benavides’ financial support comes only from himself is a reflection that he has no support from the masses. If they did support him, they’d donate. Even the lobbyists don’t think he has a shot because none of them have donated to him. Even liberal special interest groups know Benavides has no shot at winning because, as of June 30, no liberal interest group has deigned to waste money on him.

Apparently, the Yellow Sheets reported on July 20 that of the 55 state legislative candidates the Arizona AFL-CIO has endorsed, they only endorsed one Republican – George Benavides. The Arizona AFL-CIO website currently has no confirmation of this. For a conservative Republican, that’s all we really need to know to prove Mr. Benavides is to the left of ANY current incumbent Republican legislator. That makes Mr. Benavides a RINO and/or a DID.

George’s own website (look it up yourself, I’m not going to accredit this fake), which looks like it was put together by a 3rd grader, outlines a number of liberal positions. On it, he says, “I will work to reform the current immigration policy; to increase the positive attitude of Arizona’s Business Friendly atmosphere, thereby creating more employment opportunities; increasing educational opportunities in our state with strong beliefs in promoting positive educational policies that enhance employment opportunities for everyone in Arizona; and a judicial reform that is applicable to everyone, including elected officials.” That’s code for, “I favor state and local amnesty policies; I believe in the government dictating economic arrangements to match the government’s whim; like any Democrat, I think throwing more money at our troubled schools is the solution; and (in light of my answers on the CAP survey) I have no principles to guide my beliefs on judicial selection, but rest-assured, I’ll come down on liberals’ side when it comes down to it.” Mr. Benavides goes on to say, “[t]he voters (people) need a change that will enhance opportunities for improvements; control Arizona’s government spending so that our children and grandchildren do not incur debts.” Reading between the lines, Benavides is peddling the same line Obama fed us: “change.” That hasn’t worked out so well. And exactly what change are you peddling, Mr. Benavides? Amnesty? Shovelling good money after bad in education? Giving the un-elected and unaccountable bar more control over the selection of judges? All of that has been tried before to deleterious effect! Also, Mr. Benavides, if you hadn’t noticed, this is the second year in a row that the state will be running a surplus, and it’s a damned good thing too! If our legislative leaders hadn’t had the good foresight to resist the big-spending habits of the governor and Democrats, the pain of laying aside greater amounts to pay for Obamacare would have been even worse.

Mr. Benavides’ answers to the Center for Arizona Policy’s (CAP’s) questionnaire ( clearly show that he is, at best, a liberal “Republican.” Examples of Mr. Benavides’ liberalism on the CAP survey include the support of the provision of health care and employee benefits to employees’ gay lovers, supporting the status quo in allowing the un-elected few choose who our judges are rather than allowing an elected Governor and an elected Senate to choose, adding gays and transexuals to our list of “protected classes” in anti-discrimination law, and opposing the state picking up the feds’ slack in enforcing immigration laws.

George’s own policy positions totally put the lie to the “Cafe con Leche Republicans” assertion that Benavides is a conservative. Cafe con Leche claiming Benavides is conservative is like a conservative group posing as Democrats, then labeling a conservative “Democrat” as a liberal to help a sham candidate get elected. Oh, if only Republicans could lie like Democrats we could heap the same abuse of the system on Democrats that Democrats heap on Republicans!

Word to the wise: when a candidate doesn’t give you a lot of details about his policy positions, that means he has something to hide, something that if you knew that piece of information about him, you wouldn’t vote for him. Benavides’ site is full of vagaries (on immigration, on judges, on education, on the economy, on spending, etc.) and therefore, in a Republican primary, you can rest assured that Mr. Benavides is hiding his liberalism. Additionally, when a candidate raises a pittance, you can also tell that the candidate lacks support and he is a sham candidate. Our best bet in LD 20 is to vote for Seel and Boyer for the two Arizona House seats.


  1. You’re free to criticze George B. However, it is time we stop calling names, i.e., RINO, DID, etc. If you think the candidate does not measure up to being a conservative, state your case. Leave the name calling out of it.

  2. That’s right, guest opinion. You should not be using terms that might inform voters in terms they could understand. Are you trying to damage that very fragile Republican brand? You need to overlook that the Arizona GOP is infected with Republican label-wearing Democrats both running and incumbent. I know that Jeff Flake, John McCain, and Jon Kyl would whole heartily agree.

    Fooling voters is the American way, and you must get on board with the party rules of etiquette and go along to get along.

    For instance, you would not want to use phrases like “illegal immigration profiteer” pertaining to Adam Driggs, now running [unopposed] in the primary for state Senate re-election in the new LD 28.

    You would not want to point out that Driggs is an immigration lawyer who hides it on his state House webpage. You would also not want to point out that he again shouds his occupation in the latest edition of the Clean Elections Rag – 2 pounds of which is in Spanish. Can you blame him for spinning his absolute conflict-of-interest into a positive:

    “…Immigration is one of the most controversial issues confronting our state today. I am a former criminal prosecutor and an expert in federal immigration law. My practical knowledge in this area has been an asset as I have worked with other legislators to create sound immigration policy…”

    The last sentence here confirms the proof is in the pudding. Last year, Driggs joined 8 other Chamber of Commerce GOP strumpets and killed five illegal immigration bills after the C.O.C whip was cracked over their heads.

    His fellow “patriots” in this endeavor were: Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Linda Gray, John McComish, John Nelson, Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, and Steve Yarbrough.

    So let that be a lesson to you, guest opinion. Why don’t you keep a civil tongue in your head and just let Mr. Benavides big endorsement, the Cafe Con Leche Republicans, speak for themselves:

    “…Cafe Con Leche Republicans is a national organization of Republicans who welcome “New Americans”, defined as immigrants and family of recent immigrants. Our mission is to make America and the GOP, more welcoming to “New Immigrants” through political activism, “in-reach” and education within the Republican Party, and lobbying government to adopt more immigrant friendly policies. We also seek to bring more conservative and moderate “New Americans” to the Republican Party. These efforts will strengthen the GOP, and lead more Republicans to embrace welcoming policies for immigrants and their families. We have chapters in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Our members and leadership are predominantly Hispanic, though we define ourselves by mission and guiding principles, not ethnicity, and we welcome all who share our goals. Our leadership is 100% Republican…”

    If a candidate in your district is so unsavory, such as Adam Driggs, you have the option of just sticking to your principles and voting for his opponent in the general. I will. These Neoprene heels of mine just won’t click properly.

  3. Frankly I’m surprised the Sonoran Alliance would even allow an anonymous post such as this smear on George Benavides and Cafe Con Leche Republicans. Apparently the anonymous author lacks the intestinal fortitude to associate his name with his smear. No doubt he is closely associated with Carl Seel and correctly believed that association would diminish the credibility of his smears.

    Since our name is mentioned in this smear, I will clarify that Cafe Con Leche Republicans does not endorse Democrats, Independents, or third party candidates. All candidates we endorsed to date are Republicans. In one case a candidate with a long history of Republican activism decided to leave the GOP and run as a Libertarian and we immediately withdrew our support. In each race, we endorse a Republican candidate or no one.

    All of our leadership are Republicans as well, and many hold or have held positions in the GOP. One of our first guiding principles states: “To maintain our credibility as a Republican organization, our organization will always be led by Republicans, though we also welcome others who share our mission and most of our values as members.”

    I was involved in the vetting of George Benavides, along with our Arizona leadership, and he passed with flying colors. George has been a Republican for decades and has served selflessly in many roles in government, without ever the slightest hint of scandal. Prior to moving to Arizona, George was very active in the Texas GOP, including elected leadership positions, and this is well documented. I will let George tell you about his impressive credentials as a Republican himself at a time of his choosing.

    As for Carl Seel, he carries a lot of baggage, such as a mortgage scandal where he apparently received a large reduction in principal about the same time as he was a ‘no show’ on a bill that the mortgage industry did not want! We prefer candidates who pay their bills and are not for sale, don’t you? We believe George is the better candidate to represent our party in the general election.

    The AFL-CIO also endorsed two Democrats in the same race. The AFL-CIO also endorsed Richard Nixon over George McGovern, so an endorsement by the AFL-CIO does not make a candidate a RINO as Nixon was a lot more conservative than George McGovern. Perhaps for the author of this anonymous smear would have us believe that Richard Nixon was a far left wing nut!

    I’d be curious to know whether the AZ AFL-CIO endorsed Joe Arpaio when Arpaio ran for Phoenix City Council, as Arpaio had been a life long Democrat at the time, who later switched to Republican to run for Sheriff? Does that make Arpaio a RINO?

  4. The Cafe Con Leche Republicans position statement(s), both the one I pasted above, and the “guiding principles” linked above, is saturated with the term “New Americans.” At first glance, one might believe that this term references LEGAL immigrants – the 1 million admitted legally each year, and another 2-3 million admitted under various visa programs. Worded on tip-toe, one could get the the impression that these statements are saying welcome, encourage, and embolden new LEGAL immigrants. But that is clearly not the case, and some crafty wordsmith(s) worked overtime to bake this pie.

    It would appear that the “Cafe Con Leche Republicans” is clearly a group of Republican businessmen who believe they can smaltz their way through promotion of non-enforcement, amnesty-lite, and dropping all requirements of “New Americans” such as learning and speaking English. With all due respect, due being subjective, I’ve haven’t seen crapola like this since George W. Bush was still in office.

    This little org’s “mission” might draw laudatory blurbs from the likes of Jeff Flake, John McCain, Jon Kyl, Grant [immigration law criminal] Woods, the Arizona CoC’s head hatchet man Glenn Hamer, and every other anti-law profit-sucking pundit still floating in the bowl, but for my money it is a chip off the old ‘Chamber pot. Tripe is delicious, unless you over cook it.

    Me thinks Mr. Quasius doth protest too much over non-issue of anonymity, but then he has no other issue to work with. But Mr. Quasius, as a “businessman” I’m sure you are aware to be successful you have to know your market. This is Arizona, not the barely-invaded burg of South Dakota. We have been around the block – several times. If you’ll put up the funding for buses and drivers, we’ll supply you with all the “New Americans” you can eat.

    Hats off to “guest opinion” and SA, this has been extremely educational.

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