Geography lesson.

I just heard a radio ad from Harry Mitchell that attacks JD Hayworth about the gap in Medicate Part B Prescription Coverage. I am an unabashed conservative but will say it was a pretty well done.

One small problem. It was on a Tucson station, nowhere near AZ CD-5. Is Harry getting an early start on his 2012 run against U.S. Senator Jon Kyl or does he just not know how to read a map?

Just heard the again. A voice at the end says it is funded by an independent group.


  1. Mitchel ran an ad last night before Frasier started. He duped this women into blamming her disease on JD not supporting stem cell research. Kind of like what John Edwards did in 2004 – you know vote for us and you’ll get out of that wheelchair. Remember that one????

    JD by 12

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Did Harry at least run the ad on a media outlet that could reach the voters in CD 5?

  3. So long as Democratic challengers keep attacking a certain politician who isn’t actually running for reelection (namely President Bush), I suppose advertising outside your own district is fair game, too. 😛

  4. Latest SUSA poll shows JD by 3.

    Was it a Tucson-only station or does it also reach the Phoenix metro area?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    The ad was on 790 KNST. The station a strong signal but I do not think it goes all the way from Tucson to Tempe.

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    DCCC is out of the race… They are conceding Mitchell’s lack of traction… Kind of like Pederson. Had the basics to make it a real race, but never really got traction…

  7. Thanks, Oro Valley Dad. I agree, that’s ridiculous of the Mitchell campaign.

    The DCCC isn’t out. They are planning to dump $1.7 mil in ad-buys. Not sure how they can justify pulling out of a race when the challenger is within the margin of error.

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