“Gay Day” for California School Children Close to Becoming Law

Sacramento, CA – Schools across California may soon be devoting an entire school day to honor homosexual icon Harvey Milk, if Governor Schwarzenegger signs a bill passed this week by the California legislature.

The bill, SB 572, requires that the Governor proclaim every May 22 as Harvey Milk Day, “and would designate that day as having special significance in public schools and educational institutions and would encourage those entities to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.”  The bill offers no opt-out provisions for parents who might not want their children to focus on sexual issues.

Some believe that Governor Schwarzenegger might sign the measure this time because of recent honors bestowed on Harvey Milk by Hollywood and President Obama.

[On August 12, 2009 Barry Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk.]

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, urged Californians to contact Governor Schwarzenegger and express opposition to the bill, stating, “This is one of the most blatant attempts yet to bypass parents and push homosexual indoctrination on young students.  In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, our youth cannot afford to have classroom instruction time wasted on politically correct propaganda.”

To express opposition to SB 572, citizens can call Governor Schwarzenegger’s office at (916) 445-2841.  Please note that the phone lines are often busy, so persistence may be necessary in order to communicate your opinion. Gay rights groups are also urging their constituents to call the Governor in support of the bill.

Pacific Justice Institute is working alongside other leading California pro-family groups, including Capitol Resource Institute, California Family Council and Concerned Women of America of California, to defeat SB 572.

Footnote: San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, (with the mustache)  served 11 months in office and on November 27, 1978, Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by former SF Supervisor Dan White.  Harvey and Dan began their relationship as friends and political colleagues, their relationship soured when Harvey withdrew his support for a measure very important to Dan.

Unable to support his family, Dan resigned from the Board of Supervisors, but later changed his mind.  When Mayor Muscone wouldn’t allow him to return, Dan crawled through a basement window at City Hall to avoid the metal detector, and shot Mayore Moscone.  He then went to Harvey’s office and shot and killed him too.

It is well established, the assignation of Harvey Milk had nothing to do with his pioneering of Gay Rights in California.


  1. Parents would have the right to opt-out of any event, it does not need to be written in the bill. This simply adds Harvey Milk day to other days like John Muir day and California Poppy Day.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    … and you’ve read the bill Todd? I didn’t think so.

  3. It is well established, the assignation by vv of Harvey Milks’ role in history has nothing to do with facts.

  4. VV,
    Yes in fact I did read the bill and the relevant parts of the state education code it would fall under.

  5. It would appear that as California continues to slide into financial and moral bankruptcy we in Arizona should anticipate a great influx of Golden Staters opposed to such nonsense to head our way.

  6. VV,

    Believe it or not, some of us DO read up on the crap that you post, and the relevant sources behind it. In fact, people who write about this stuff usually do SOME reading at least. You should try it.

    For all of your supposed love for the military, guns and law enforcement, you people seem to be afraid of literally EVERYTHING.

  7. Tucson Vice
    You are absolutely correct. I especially check things out when VV posts stuff from this Pacific Justice Institute since they seem especially bad at being honest.

  8. Funny, California has all sort of financial problems, firms are bailing to other states and they have time for Gay Day??

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    who commenting so far has school aged children?

    and what I’m hearing is that you all have no problem with school time being used to promote a lifestyle which most Americans disagree with.

  10. Oh VV, you’re still cranky over the death of Francisco Franco, aren’t you?

  11. VV – Don’t try and change the subject away from how inane these rantings from PJI are.

  12. Didn’t Hitler bash gays too VV? I’m looking for the common thread to your philosophy.

  13. Basil St. John says

    VV = Hitler! If it bashes gays like a Nazi, it must be Nazi!

  14. Hitler?! Gay bashing?! What planet are you people from? In all sincerity, I would really like to know who of you has children. I know Todd and Klute don’t but Tucson Vice, Basil St. John, Freethinker.. how about you?

    Common thread?!

  15. I have school-age children attending a public (government run) school, and if Arizona were to do what California is doing I would pull my kids immediately and either home school them or send them to a private charter school. The Left Coast is getting nuttier by the day as they go cross lots to hell.

  16. “I have school-age children attending a public (government run) school.”

    Enjoying the fruits of socialism, eh Comrade? I’m thrilled that my tax dollars are going to pay for your kids schooling.

  17. Klute,
    I’m sure that RonB pays for his kids to go to school too! Heck, I pay for his kids to go to school and pay tuition for Catholic School for my own kids. So.
    Just from what I know about you, I’m having a hard time believing you really own a home and pay property taxes.

  18. RonB – I am curious if you know exactly ‘what California is doing’ because the post VV has pasted above doesn’t provide accurate information.

  19. Annie,

    And yet, I do pay taxes (specifically to the Scottsdale Unified School District, if you’re wondering), on top of my state and Federal (and for a while there, Florida property taxes on top of all that).

    I’ve no kids, no plans to have kids, and yet you parents pick my pocket to make sure your kids get an education.

    Obviously, I’m being facetious, kids getting an education benefits society as a whole, or to shorten that last bit, it’s socialism. Deal with it.

  20. Who has kids and who doesn’t makes no difference.

    Whether you like it or not, you will not “shield” your kids from homosexuality. It is more and more mainstream every year. In couple of decades, even so-called conservatives will come to accept it, just as they did with interracial marriage, sufferage and the civil rights act.

    And similarly, “conservatives” will be about two decades behind the rest of the nation when it happens.

    Always on the wrong side of history. Always a few decades behind.

  21. I’m not complaining! My pockets are getting picked too and I really don’t mind. It isn’t the education that I object to children receiving on our dime, it is the content of the education I sometimes object to. My kids won’t be in ANY government school.. including college. Only private Catholic Schools for them. This is how we choose to handle indoctrination (only the Catholic/Christian variety will do)!

    I rather enjoy reading VV’s posts. They are thought provoking!

  22. That answers my question, Tucson Vice.

  23. Annie,

    And I respect that. Went to a public school from K-8, and went to a Catholic for High School. I remember each having their own benefits. I don’t see much difference between places like Notre Dame or Catholic University and state universities.

    My girlfriend went to a religious school, I went to a secular one. Our experiences were almost the same. It’s all what the adult puts into them (unless it’s a place like Liberty Univeristy, which is resides in Bizzaro World and their student life guide is comedy gold).

    RonB was trying to make some snide point about his kids “attending a public (government run) school”. We all know public schools are run by the government, RobB… does pointing out that fact make the bitter pill of your own socialism go down easier?

  24. Klute,
    There is a difference.. I am NOT talking about Notre Dame (not with a 10 foot pole)!

  25. Annie has hit on it. If you want your children to received a religious indoctrination send them to private religious schools. Problem solved.

  26. Veritas Vincit says

    Folks, thanks … you can see exactly what the patchouli reeking progressive left thinks.

    They refuse to argue facts and, when presented with facts simply change the direction of the conversation. And, when all else fails, they attack and hurl insults. This they believe will cause more rational people to withdraw from the dialog.

    They claim they want dialog, but when you offer it, they have more moves than a slippery brown trout taking its last dive down the bowl.

    Klute and your ilk, how about staying on the topic: Government schools are NO place for the politics of homosexuals.

    Its disgusting how your folks use children for a political agenda. Lefty Socialists: Political child molesters.

  27. “Klute and your ilk, how about staying on the topic: Government schools are NO place for the politics of homosexuals.”

    And I say, yes they are, because they are there already. And maybe if people like you didn’t stigmatize them, and they were allowed to see that they are like everyone else (with their own heroes and martyrs and movements) they wouldn’t outpace straight kids in suicide rates:


    Out of curiosity, where would you accept the “politics of homosexuals”?

    What dialog? Like when you, apropos of nothing, intimated that Janet Napaolitano was a lesbian the other day? In this post, you might as well have typed “FAGS.” over and over and it would have accomplished the same thing for you.

    “It is well established, the assignation of Harvey Milk had nothing to do with his pioneering of Gay Rights in California.”

    Who says this? You? Are you gay? In your Pantheon of distant relations who are somehow tied to your argument, did your gay half-brother in law from Nova Scotia tell you that?

    “Lefty Socialists: Political child molesters.”

    And there we go. Gay = Child Molester.

    Yeah, we totally can have a “dialog” about this.

  28. Veritas Vincit ,
    Actually when YOU are presented with facts YOU refuse to argue but instead resort to name calling and insults. I made a comment after reading the bill and the relevant law and YOU came back and claimed I did not bother to read the bill but offer no counter to my basic claim. This is a general pattern with YOU. Stop projecting YOUR own shortcomings on everyone else.

    “Government schools are NO place for the politics of homosexuals.”

    I didn’t know homosexuals had specific ‘politics.’ As a matter of fact I think you would find quite a few gays in lesbians among Republicans. Of course, I am sure they keep quite about the fact so that bigots like yourself don’t accuse them of being child molesters or something.

    Is it politics to not want to see any more 15 year olds like Lawrence King to be shot twice in the back of the head by another student because he was gay? Did Lawrence ‘get what he deserved’ in your eyes VV?

    I will tell you what politics need to be kept out of public schools – your closed minded and hateful kind.

  29. Veritas Vincit says

    There you go again. I never bashed gays. Just don’t want their agenda in our public schools. Worked in SF when Milk was shot too. Sorry Klute, but my life experiences are what they are and my family and extended family is considerable – its called, Aiga in fa’Samoa.

    Don’t ask don’t tell works for me. What they want to do with each other is their business, not subject to 4th grade curriculum.

  30. South Tucson Progressive says

    All you bigots if you had it your way you would round up homosexuals and put them in concentration camps just like Hitler did. I’m glad we have a government to keep you monsters in check so you can’t go out in pitchfork mobs, rounding up gay people from their homes, and killing them in the streets. I will say it again, as the brother of a gay man, you people who continue demonizing gays because you have nothing better to do are the Nazis of our time. I hope Janet Napolitano puts you people in your place.

  31. South Tucson Progressive says


    Of course you never said anything bad against gays. You simply said they are immoral. You compared them to child molesters. You said that you don’t want their “agenda” (as if they actually have one) and you spent countless hours of time ranting about how many horrible things they have done to your life.

    I hope your son grows up to be the biggest bottom in high school. I hope he dances to Beyonce and puts glitter on his nails. I hope he wears a V-neck and grows his hair out. God is going to punish you for your homophobia by making sure your son turns out to be the biggest fairy or that your daughter turns out to be a Harley Davidson riding/leather-jacket wearing/beer chugging DYKE.

    For the record, its people like you who made my brother so ashamed of himself that he almost dropped out of school. He’s not even a Christian he is a Jew. But of course we know you guys hate Jews too as Ann Coulter said we need to be perfected by the Evangelical Christians. People like you are true vermin.

  32. Veritas Vincit says

    And there fellow travelers is the “tolerance for diversity” of the other side.

    Insisting there is no “homosexual political agenda” and attacking everyone else who simply wishes that children are not exposed to alternative lifestyles such as that of our former governor.

    What they choose to do in the rest rooms of the Tucson public parks is their business. I just don’t want it in the elementary classrooms.

    “… you spent countless hours of time ranting about how many horrible things they have done to your life.”

    Really STP?

  33. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute, do you really in your heart and in your bedroom believe “… that they are like everyone else”?

    What happens in the bedroom should remain in the bedroom and not in the elementary classroom.

    Todd, what happened to Lawrence King was a tragedy. But it was no different than what happened to Channon Christian, and Hugh Christopher Newsom in Knoxville on Jan 6, 2007. What’s your point?

  34. South Tucson Progressive says


    Get a life. Clearly your extremist hatred for gays has led you to believe that Big Christian Government has the ultimate power to go after gays as political targets. This is the type of ideology that McCarthy, and the KKK held true and it is what led to the Holocaust.

    They very fact that Sonoran Alliance has a title called “Homosexuality” speaks volumes about what YOU PEOPLE are doing in restrooms. Tucson voted TWICE to reject the anti-gay amendments in our state but you bastards never get it. You’ll keep demonizing people with enjoyment and then say “i’m not homophobic, I just think they’re going to hell and don’t deserve any rights.”

    Quite frankly I think you people are Christian Terrorists.

  35. Veritas Vincit says

    STP why don’t you return to the SFBA? Shouldn’t you be doing your course work?

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