Mesa police chief, George Gascon, is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary committee tomorrow. The committee is holding hearings regarding local law enforcement’s involvement in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Mesa is Arizona’s third largest city and a haven for ILLEGAL immigrants because, in part, Chief Gascon (like his Phoenix counterpart, Jack Harris) is a committed to non-enforcement of our immigration laws.


2008 was an embarrassing year for Gascon. Crime sweeps last April conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department in Mesa netted dozens of ILLEGALS. All Gascon could do was grumble in a letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio saying: “….these operations have attracted a substantial level of attention by groups in support and against your anti-immigration policies.” “Anti-immigration policies”? If there were any doubts about where Gascon stood on ILLEGAL immigration he really let the cat out of the bag on that one! More embarrassment was to follow.


In October sheriff’s deputies armed with 25 warrants conducted a pre-dawn roundup in the Mesa city hall and in the library arresting over a dozen persons here illegally using stolen identification and employed by a cleaning service under contract with the city. The roundup was the culmination of an investigation that lasted several months and began when a former city employee reported to the Mesa police that the company was hiring ILLEGAL aliens. When no action was taken the former employee tipped off the sheriff’s department which infiltrated the company with an undercover person claiming to be here illegally. Say what you will about the sheriff’s tactics but with this many ILLEGALS right under Gascon’s nose how could he be so inert?


There is no question where Chief Gascon stands on ILLEGAL immigration issues. In both word and deed he is a firm believer in non-enforcement of our immigration laws. So, I will predict in summary form what Gascon will tell the committee tomorrow: he will say that local enforcement of immigration laws is dangerous, anti-immigrant and, probably, racist.


  1. Putting a word in all caps doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make any better or worse.

    Frankly, 2008 was a great year for Gascon, not an embarrassment. His priority is stopping violent crime and actually protecting Mesa’s citizens, not rounding up non-violent individuals, breaking the law himself by racial profiling, and just looking for headlines.

  2. Wasn’t Gascon subpoenaed? I’ve seen that pointed out but it hasn’t been confirmed by anyone. That’s usually what happens though.

    Skyhawk- you should read the Op-Ed written by a highly respected former Cop. You can’t argue with his facts and hard numbers.

  3. Moral, I think you have it all wrong, it wasn’t a good year for Gascon. Gascon didn’t do anything to stop violent crimes. It is simple math. Less illegals equal less violance.

    Haven’t you heard that the Phoenix area and that includes Mesa, is number 1 in violient crimes and most of them are amount the illegalss. There may be less violent crimes but there are less illegals too.

    The best thing that happened for Gascon was that Mayor Smith doesn’t let him speak anymore for the city.

    And on who’s dime is Gascon traveling on? I hope it is not the city’s because then that is my tax $$ and I don’t approve of his message.

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