Gascón & Berman Departing Shots

Having grown up and educated on the cinema of Clint Eastwood aka, Harry Callahan, aka, “Dirty Harry” of San Francisco fame, I can properly say to outgoing Mesa Chief of Police, George Gascón, “I knew Dirty Harry. Chief Gascón, you’re no Dirty Harry.” Maybe now, the chief can pack up his things including his slick glamour shots taken by local photographer, Jamie Peachey,  and head to the City by the Bay to impress the liberal establishment there – A perfect match. (Photo of Gascon credited and hyperlinked to the Phoenix New Times in this post.)

Just south of Mesa, the Town of Gilbert swore in a new mayor and council last night. During part of the “inauguration ceremony” outgoing Mayor Steve Berman decided to present a slide show of his fond memories of service on the council. When it came time to talk about Council woman Linda Abbott, Berman showed a slide of a woman with a gun to her head. He claimed it was symbolic of the pressure Abbott would get for supporting a tax increase. However, given the audible gasp that arose from some in the audience, many probably took it to mean something else. For those of you who may have forgotten, among the many things Berman was accused of doing by his then wife during their acrimonious marriage was plotting to kill Abbott. (Link to the Town of Gilbert meeting online about 42 minutes into the video.)

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