Gabrielle Giffords Town Hall in Tucson

Thanks to James Bretney aka “ConservadorSonora” in Tucson for covering this sham town hall event on Tuesday, May 26th. The “town hall” was held at Saguaro High School and featured a tightly controlled lineup of speakers, attendees and agenda.

Arizona 8th was also able to cover the event and even posted a photo of Gabby jumping out of her foreign-made SUV.

James was able to get in to the event at the last minute and shoot several clips. Here are three of those clips:

This clip features Paul Parisi, Vice President of the Tucson Chamber of Commerce who spoke out against a nationalized single-payer health care plan.

This clip features James asking Gabby about the town hall program and how it was organized.

In this clip, James asks Ron Barber, Giffords’ District Director, on why the town hall speaker lineup was stacked.



  1. Ron Barber says

    I have know Ron Barber for more than 25 years and he is a great guy. BTW I am a Republican who has not voted for Gabby Giffords ever. I will say that Ron handled himself very well on the audio tape and those twirpy attempts to pin him into a corner just gives him the opportunity to show off his great skills of diplomacy. If I was advising a Republican candidate for CD 8, I would tell them to go after Ron at their own peril.

  2. Yet another interesting entry, keep em coming!

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