Gabrielle Giffords Puts Fundraising Ahead of Accountability

Bravo Zulu to the Arizona Republican Party for putting this ad out showing the callousness of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

I suppose when you’re married to an astronaut, intergalactic connections come in handy.


  1. Man, if this is the Republican Party’s plan to win back CD-8, Gabby can sleep pretty easy…

    “Gabby Giffords wasn’t there to vote on a resolution that had no chance of not passing… Gabby Giffords was doing the same thing that all 434 other members of the Legislative Branch do on a day to day basis. Vote Jesse Kelly for some reason.”

    Also, that ambush guy… How much money is the GOP wasting on him?

  2. HR 2245 only passed by 389 votes! Where was Gabby to cast the critical 390th!?!?

    Grivalja also didn’t vote for it. Why are Gabby and Raul objectively anti-Apollo?

    In response to this development, the Arizona Republican Party intends to send Jesse Kelly to the MOON.

  3. kralmajales says

    I hope these folks pour tons into Jesse Kelly’s campaign…its a waste of your money. This is a safe seat folks…it would be like Democrats thinking they have chance in Franks’ district. Not gonna happen folks…Really.

  4. Tucson Vice says


    I can’t actually believe tht DSW honestly gives a crap about this vote or her involvement in it. How many votes did McCain miss? How many did Flake miss?

    Real Journalists (I know you folks like to call this a news site) actually ask and answer these questions. If you willfully ignore the hypocrisy of a story like this, you make yourself look stupid and you (further) diminish your own credibility (not to suggest you had any in the first place).

    Wake up. This story (and most of the others on this site) wreaks of the same false sense of outrage and BS populism that is typical of tabloid and gossip sites such as this one.

    You aren’t winning over any undecideds with garbage like this. The only people you are getting through to here are the people you already have on your side and even among those, only the ones so blind and so stupid that they fail to see the hypocrisy of the charge.

  5. kralmajales says

    Let me also say this. Congresswoman Giffords is getting elected in this district because she is a great public servant. She listens, is respectful to her constituents, and she does great service to the district. That she is able to outraise your party and beat the best you have to offer, says a lot…especially given the registration in this district which favors republicans.

    And, as a liberal, she is no liberal. That bothers me of course…but I still support her.

  6. Tim Bee was president of the AZ Senate, had massive name recognition, was a seasoned AZ candidate, and raised $2M during his campaign.

    He got trounced in the debates and the election.

    The inane video addresses a non-item, and ambush tactics tend to fail without a solid issue. Still, such pieces cost nothing to produce and post on youtube, which the blogs can then publish. Expect more of these.

    It will be interesting to see what the GOP spends on real ads on real TV next fall. Hopefully it will be a lot, detracting funds from efforts in CD 1 and CD 5.

  7. Antifederalist says

    Congressional Gold medals cost about $3oK to design and mint IIRC. Then the government turns around and tries to make a profit off selling copies of the things. Needless to say, our ham-handed government never does turn a profit. These gold medals are a waste of time and money. The RSC has a pretty solid history of opposing these things every time some dim-witted Congressman proposes to waste taxpayer dollars on the effort.

    So, count me as a conservative who couldn’t care less whether or not Giffords was there to vote. If this is all the AZGOP has, then the Rs stand to continue to lose more Congressional seats in AZ. Back when being conservative meant standing unwaveringly for a set of principles, Ed Pastor was the LONE Dim seat-holder in the state, now it’s a 4-4 split. Good job AZGOP!!!!!!!

  8. kralmajales says


    It is only going to get worse…seriously. The AZGOP is being eaten away like a maggot infested carcas by its feaux, anti-business, populists. They strike like cobras at moderate republicans because they arent the same kind of snake, kill them, and leave a fewwer and angrier venomous snakes left to fight off the world.

  9. kralmajales says


    We are in agreement! Tim Bee was the absolute best they could have offered. He struck fear in all but a few of us who saw that he was facing incumbency and a political culture that was leaning deeply against Republicans…not to mention a GREAT candidate who would be almost impossible to label. When Tim Bee lost, you lost this district for as long as she hopes to stay in it.

    Jesse Kelly, I admire you for running as I do anyone, but don’t drink the cool-aid these folks feed you. You won’t win.

  10. Good grief! This post has been hijacked by the Kral, Klute and X4mer show!

  11. Anti-federalist its actually a 5-3 split, Giffords, Pastor, Grijalva, Mitchell and Kirkpatrick….

    The only reason things won’t get worse for the GOP in congressional seats is because those districts are so safe no dem could win them. Shaddeggs is their best shot and that is quite a long shot…

  12. kralmajales says

    Johnny is right. 5-3 split and little hope for more for the Dems given the Districts. They would need a “giant” as a candidate to upset the applecart. I think the same is true, however, for GOPers looking to challenge the 5 Dems. Little to no hope for a shift, but that wont stop me from hoping that you throw your money at trying to unseat them.

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