Gabrielle Giffords is Nancy Pelsoi

Gabrielle Giffords likes to portray herself as a Blue Dog Democrat. Her voting record belies her Blue Dog claims. Giffords is a Nancy Pelosi clone: a radical far left liberal who voted the way Nancy Pelosi wanted her to vote. Let’s review the facts.

 The so-called $787 billion “Stimulus Bill,” which not one member of the House of Representative read because major parts were not even printed, was approved by the House on February 13, 2009. Approximately 30% of the money was spent in 2009 providing no stimulus and no jobs. Unemployment climbed past 10% even though President Obama claimed it would keep unemployment below 8%. Gabrielle Giffords voted for the bill without reading.

 The so-called S-CHIP $33 billion explosion of government run health care was originally designed to cover poor children. The Congressional Budget Office stated this bill opens coverage to higher income children and opens the program to adults for the first time. Gabrielle Giffords voted for the bill because Nancy Pelosi demanded her vote. The bill passed on January 14, 2009.

 The so-called Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is anything but fair. It is a sop to the trial attorneys that allows alleged pay discrimination lawsuits to proceed years after any alleged discrimination took place. This bill increases the legal costs of businesses, which will contribute to higher prices to consumers. The bill is without value but passed the House on January 9, 2009. Gabrielle Giffords voted for the bill because Nancy Pelosi demanded her vote.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act, the so-called “Cap and Trade” bill is the largest tax increase in American history. The bill is based not even on “settled science” but plain bad science, with data intentionally manipulated by politically drive and corrupt scientists. The House passed this bill on June 26, 2009. Gabrielle Giffords voted for the bill because Nancy Pelosi told her so.

 The Stupak Anti-Abortion Amendment, which passed the House on November 7, 2009, was added to the so-called Affordable Health Care Act for America Act to prevent federal funds from being used for abortions. Pelosi actually fought against passage of this amendment but lost. Pelosi allowed the Amendment to be offered in the House as a compromise toward passage of the Health Care bill. Gabrielle Giffords voted for passage of the Stupak Amendment.

 The Affordable Health Care for America Act, which in the final analysis was found unaffordable by Massachusetts voters, was passed on November 7, 2009. This bill added over $1 trillion to the deficit because certain costs were stripped from the bill to artificially lower the cost. Even the Obama administration stated the bill would add to the deficit. Gabrielle Giffords voted for a bad bill because Nancy Pelosi told her so.

 The Medicare Physician Payment reform Act, passed by the House on December 19, 2009, was the legislation stripped from the Health Care bill above to artificially lower the bill’s cost. This bill adds more than $200 billion to the cost of health care and is an example of the dishonesty of House Democrats. Gabrielle Giffords voted for this bill because Nancy Pelosi said so.

 The so-called Permanent Estate Tax Act of 2009 was passed by the House on December 3, 2009.  The bill provides for a 45% inheritance tax on estates larger than $3.5 million. It cancels a one year repeal of the tax schedule for 2010. The tax is not indexed for inflation, which like the Alternative Minimum Tax, will continue to increasingly tax more and more income from taxpayers. It is a bad bill that taxes money already taxed. Gabrielle Giffords voted for this bill. Why? You already know.

 Gabrielle Giffords has not been doing the people’s work. She has been doing Nancy Pelosi’s bidding. Giffords voted eight out of eight times for bad bills. She even voted for at least one bill without reading it. She cannot deny it. She has betrayed her constituents. She has betrayed her oath. She has betrayed her country.

 The shame of it. She should resign.


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