Gabrielle Giffords: A loyal soldier for Obama’s spending policies

Jonathan Paton

For Immediate Release: February 2, 2010

The Arizona Republic reports today that Gabrielle Giffords is increasingly vulnerable for supporting President Obama’s agenda 90 percent of time since he took office, providing a rubber stamp for record spending policies.

According to an analysis by the non-partisan Congressional Quarterly, Giffords voted with the White House 90 percent of the time. The only other representatives in Arizona who have been that loyal to Obama are veteran incumbents Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva.

“Although Democratic Reps. Harry Mitchell and Ann Kirkpatrick are considered vulnerable, they are less closely identified with Obama at a time when his priorities have been losing support in public-opinion polls and at the ballot box,” the Republic reports in a story titled, “Giffords’ re-election bid could be hurt by Obama backlash.”

Of the state’s three vulnerable Democrats, Giffords is the only one who voted for all three of the president’s signature policies.

Giffords voted for the nearly $800 billion stimulus spending bill — a violation of her pledge to “pay-as-you-go” and a policy that has only led to higher unemployment claims.

Giffords voted for the government-run health care bill, which cuts Medicare benefits to seniors who have already paid into the program by a whopping $500 billion.

Giffords voted for the “cap-and-trade” bill, which is estimated to raise utility costs by at least $1,800 a year for Southern Arizona families and seniors.

“Gabrielle Giffords likes to tout the fact that she voted against raising the debt ceiling. But I’m here to tell her, you can’t have it both ways,” Jonathan Paton said. “If she’s going to vote for this kind of spending, she’s going to have to raise taxes to pay for it. Her votes are forcing the nation’s debt ceiling higher and higher. And her record is a complete violation of her pledge to ‘pay-as-you-go’ and balance the budget. The president’s policies are on the verge of costing the average American $10,000 in new federal red ink.”

The Republic analysis follows the wildly-respected, non-partisan Cook Report downgrading the race from “Likely Dem” to “Leans Dem.” Just two months prior, Cook had graded Congressional District 8 from “Solid Dem” for Giffords.

“The latest drop came shortly after Republican state Sen. Jonathan Paton announced he was joining three other GOP candidates to challenge Giffords,” the Republic reports.

“With one party running everything in Washington, Gabrielle Giffords has shown her true colors,” said Jonathan Paton. “This year she will have to explain her record to her constituents. We need a check-and-balance on this record spending.”

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  1. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says

    Jonathan is a patriot who has served our nation in uniform. I know there are others in the Republican primary who have admirable service, too. Jonathan has proven himself in the State Legislature and would represent us well.
    This Navy veteran supports Soldier/Statesman Jonathan Paton.
    Jonathan – take the high ground and watch the ridgeline!

  2. No….Jonathan voted against school choice, voted for then Gov. Napolitano’s budget which has lead AZ to be the worst state off financially per capita and has a lifetime rating of 61 from Americans for Prosperity. Hardly anything to brag about. He is just another tired old McCain Republican.

  3. downtownGOP says

    JONATHAN IS AWESOME!!!!! Finally someone who is willing to challenge Giffords on her false claims. He’s the only Republican candidate who does NOT support amnesty and the only one who can win! GO, GO PATON!

  4. downtownGOP, I don’t believe any of us support amnesty, fyi.

  5. I live in Paton’s district and he’s really impressed me over the years. His military experience and his willingness to stand up against TUSD, J-Nappy, the city council and CPS. Know he’ll take Gabby to task.

  6. Ellsworth,

    How did he stand up to “J-Nappy”? By voting for her budget? Thats some real backbone…

  7. Didn’t Paton say that George Bush contacted him and urged him to run??? McCain has Scott Brown is his back pocket now, do we really want another political puppet?

  8. Heard Rush mentioned Paton yesterday. Wow. This race really will be attracting attention.

  9. Kelly and Goss do not support amnesty. Not sure about the others.

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