Fundraiser for Jerry Walker for MCCC Board

You are cordially invited to the home of
Jerry D. and Mary Ellen Walker at
113 South Ogden Circle Mesa, Az 85206.
This is a fund raiser to keep Jerry in his seat on the
Community College District Governing Board
for Maricopa County.
The event will take place on
Saturday, May 15, 2010.
The time will be from 6 to 9 PM.
There will be light refreshments served at this occasion.

Jerry has worked for programs that ensure student exposure to critical thinking skills.
He wants people to be encouraged to learn how to think.
Jerry also has worked to keep tuition low.
His efforts in the development of work force training has taken
second place to none. This is vital to the economic future of Arizona.
For information on Jerry’s on-going work with the
Veteran Community to make sure that these young patriots take advantage of the G.I. benefits to get a college degree or the appropriate workforce training please go to
Please help Jerry develop the workforce of Arizona and keep both Arizona and the U.S. economy strong.
RSVP to Jerry Walker at (480) 213-4777.
In the event that you are unable to attend, donations may sent to the address above.
Paid for by Jerry Walker for Community Colleges


  1. VoiceInTheWild says

    Jerry is a nutjob and needs to get a real job.

  2. Antifederalist says

    I know Jerry and he’s a very good guy. He’s not an educrat and he’s already served one term on the Board. The MCCC needs him.

  3. WalkerNeedsToGo says

    For the sake the community colleges and the students they serve, I sincerely hope that Walker is voted off this election. He has brought nothing but harm and ridicule to this educational institution.

  4. I feel like the term ‘Educrat” is not a demeaning or derogatory term in any way. If someone, especially someone working in education, is known for being educated or supporting education, isn’t that a good thing? Should that be something that we search for in a Governing Board Member?

    Dana Saar (Jerry’s Opponent)is an educated board experienced supporter of higher education. Who, by the way, is registered as a REPUBLICAN.

    You may continue to call names, but Dana is an honorable defender of education and will be a great board member.

    As a student of Maricopa Community Colleges and a resident of Sup. District 2, I will be voting for Dana Saar.

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