From SB1070 to J.D. Hayworth’s Book on Illegal Immigration, “Whatever It Takes”

With the recent passage of Arizona’s SB1070, which gives state and local officials the authority to enforce immigration laws that have largely been ignored by our federal government, J.D. Hayworth’s book on illegal immigration is receiving renewed attention. Hayworth recently wrote a comprehensive book touching upon everything that is wrong with illegal immigration in America today. Regardless of your views on illegal immigration, there are enough shocking facts and statistics in this book to make anyone realize this has become a serious problem in the U.S. that cannot be ignored nor easily fixed by opening the borders. Ridiculed by immature staffers of rival Congressmen for being a “blowhard,” former Arizona Congressman Hayworth, who graduated with honors from college, easily disproves that stereotype with this well-written and informative book. Attacking Hayworth by calling him a “blowhard” merely reveals his opponents lack any real, substantive criticism.

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  1. I certainly agree that many political opponents have little to offer and therefore use hyperbole and name calling to tear down their opposition.

    However this review highlighting Hayworth’s claims fails to persuade me.

    Fear of restive Quebec isn’t going to make me support increasing government authority to harass otherwise peaceful people.

    Going after the individual illegals in order to crimp big crime also doesn’t grab me.

    Urging Mexicans to fix Mexico is the way to go according to Hayworth but we don’t harass people from Colorado urging them to stay in Colorado until it has been fixed, do we?

    As for the horrible condition of Latino anchor babies I just can’t see the problem, babies are fine regardless of their parents.

    I certainly think people should take a look at what sounds like a sincere book but I certainly wouldn’t stop after Mr. Hayworth’s book.

    There are plenty of problems caused by the current policy of immigration prohibition. I don’t see any of them being appreciably being helped by continuing the prohibition.

    Let Them in By Jason L. Riley is my recommendation.

  2. James Davidson says

    J.D. is a blowhard. He may be smart, he may have graduated with honors, but his mouth has been his undoing. We all have strengths and weaknesses. McCain certainly has his. But it does no good to pretend. J.D. would be better served if he could put a leash on it sometimes.

  3. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Your right about JD being street smart. You paid off his 2006 attorney’s fees. Your giving him money to live on and all you ask of him is to go around the State and attack McCain and Kyl. I’d say that was plenty smart of JD.

  4. GO JD!!

  5. McCain REFUSED to lift one stumpy little, pudgy little finger to support Ramos and Compean.

    THAT shows his true colors.

  6. wanumba says

    I actually bought the book about three weeks ago, because I’d heard he’d written one and finally decided I’d better read it, since I’d been commenting on borders and so forth. I hadn’t read anything prior to that and wrote my comments before I read it.

    In summary, JD laid it out quite comprehensively and presents a reasonable and fair set of solutions, most of which I am in total agreement with.

    I think though I got the 2nd to last copy left on Amazon though!

  7. Carlist says

    One wonders about a pragmatic “Conservative” who backs a bedfellow of Ted Kennedy on the immigration issue and was negotiating a place of the Kerry ticket!

    Not to mention hysterical support for the T.A.R.P. bailout, and early enthusiasm for “Cap N’ Trade”!

    What will “ole Prag” say when the John opts for the Dem label for November re-election after August’s defeat?!!

    Perhaps (along with Travis and Ann) he’ll become a pragmatic or honest liberal and join his hero!

  8. JD knows how to get it done. That’s why we need to elect him over Amnesty McCain. JD’s got my vote.

  9. Only in 2001 did Hayworth change his voting profile to stop the flood of Mexicans where he still favored all others being let in. The people were speaking before 2001 and he didn’t listen untill he was challanged about his voting record where he realized under threat if he wanted to stay in the House he had better change his ways.

    Why would anyone want to put a retread back in office?

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